Yugoslavia – the Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism

Yugoslavia – the Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism

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Yugoslavia - the Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism

travel film showing the “country” that used to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. Instead of espousing e pluribus unum, they divided and subdivided, then imploded. today we have only the pieces of what used to be. So for old time’s sake, i hope you enjoy this american TV piece that promoted the wonderful state of YUGOSLAVIA some 30 years ago!


  1. kosovo is albania cameria ist albania rrnoft shqiptaria

  2. One civilization that was in many aspects different then east and west …was destroyed ..only memory remain off country where you work to live and not live to work,where crime was almost not egisting and where people where valued by human characteristic and not by money

  3. + Marsha Kay Jovanovic Shame that we need someone from Usa to tell us how great ours country was and in same matter shame that was destroy by same for that treasure and low life cost country. All that they have in Europe today we had in one country , Industry (cars , glass , wood and on and on…) , sport champions , lake`s, sea, mountains, big city`s, cultures.

  4. Say what you will about the past, but my Slovenian relatives are far happier now.

  5. Mario Ramajanntya

    yugoslavia is non block contry so all nation can into this country

  6. Untergang Norge

    Beautiful culture

  7. Vincent Srzentić

    From what year is this documentary?

  8. Mikhail Abramovich

    i hate communists but love tito

  9. Need hungarian translation for this video. I interested yugoslav nostalgy.

  10. All things must pass

  11. beauty girl min 20:14

  12. yes, yes…..the good old days of Tito's style. it wasn'r dommunism!!!

  13. 14:15 spot on. In U.S you work, drive to and from work for the most part of the day. Then at old age, people realize that's not most important thing in life.

  14. I once knew this girl from Yugoslavia name Slavaska Slavaski. She was nice,.

    She once told me there was no beauty in Yugoslavia. I didn't understand what she meant

  15. Oh Yugoslavia. You could have lead the way in showing Europe and the world how to live. How sad. The best country in Europe. RIP.

  16. Hopefully us young people can create this country again in the future

  17. Benjamin Chastain

    Then Jews got their hands on them.Communism sucks though. just saying.

  18. USA funded the nationalists like they do now in Ukraine and Syria. Divide and rule is their dirty politics! They have only their own interests and will kill everyone for it.. USA is the world satan!

  19. all you yugofags are pathetic, those times were not ''great'' theyre the same now and you are still the garbage of europe…except northern croatia and slovenia, you two are alright but the other ones get over your imaginary yugonostalgic emo faze and deal with the fact that yugoslavia was not ''great''

  20. destabilized by CIA and america…

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