Why Afro American women Hate on Black men who Travel and meet foreign Women

Why Afro American women Hate on Black men who Travel and meet foreign Women

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Me and my special guest Soul N Black ask the question why today Afro American women attacks men who travel to Brazil or abroad. Tonight Show will ask that Question. Please JOIN our Facebook Groups today Click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AfroAmericanMenAfroBrazilianWomen/ AND https://www.facebook.com/groups/755783674509270/
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  1. GivenFactNotFiction

    Help Brother I need to make some money to leave the Matrix

  2. Pardon me but, the last time I checked, SUPERMAN is not black.

  3. Brazil looks lovely, I need warm climate. Seattle weather changes to much for me.

  4. Georgina Georgina

    S.E. Asia brothers … trust me !

  5. During the early nineties author Jawanza Kunjufu wrote his first novel Good Brothers looking Good sisters. It was based on the facts that a lot of good black men are being overlooked by black women or completely barricaded from even being considered as a potential mate. Why waste energy on a fickle and fraught with peril pursuit. Time is life and life is time too precious to deal with women who offer nothing but frustration and headaches. The world is too large to stay stuck in a losing venture. So brothers travel and explore the world.

  6. Please cut some of these female callers off. Another woman trying to dictate male behavior and control how he thinks and tell him about his reality and experience. Male forums have not room for female opposition.

  7. Dam what is going on with many of the black dudes slamming their women for YT subscribers…. Many of my black girlfriends have moved on to other races (men) who respect them and financially help them. Let the other women deal with your mess. You dont see any other race putting their women down but many of the black dude YT channels. So sad !

  8. That boho chick was getting on my nerves. The Ho(e)teps always think they're dropping knowledge and it's usually some shit that most fools already know about.

  9. Then be smart and  swag too

  10. Black American Men, Please Do Better

    I'm making a series of videos letting this international women know what they're really getting.

  11. …What started as a terrible mistake with bringing a belligerent amerikkkan black woman on the show turns out to be a good idea. NOW unbelievers can find out exactly what most negro women in this CUNT-ry are really like when they hear her speak.
    Brothers must understand he is the ONLY race of man on this planet where he has ZERO control of his woman. Most black males in this society even praise such a thing and wonder why their women are horrendously out of order. I won't do the Brazil thing because I spent too much time learning Spanish and thus Colombia is more on my line if travel. Best wishes to all the brothers who are outsourcing for better women and not groveling to amerikkkan slime women of any race!!!

  12. …As a foreign born black man and one who stays informed with many like me, amerikkkan black women are NOT on peoples list for marriage unless there is a green card involved. Even then, a fat white woman is the preferable choice for getting into north amerikkka or Europe. Amerikkkan black women are known as the WORST women in the entire african diaspora but the best in having raunchy sex with and leaving afterwards!!!

  13. You black men need to grab your balls you let this ratchet black women run her mouth uncontrollably like that. You let run your show like this as though she's the host.come on man.I would of put her in her place dismiss her.she telling you guys what to do.

  14. reluctant nabi (A BLACK MAN'S PERSPECTIVE)

    Do you have any contact information other than Facebook. I'm very interested in going to Brazil.

  15. i wouldn't go to brazil in search of a good woman but i would go to see how you're not completely judged in society by skin color. being able to look at the worlds prettiest women daily would probably be a bonus..

  16. And when US black women have means want to look somewhere else for a mate . . . . . they go to Europe. And will brag about. They run to London and Paris while pissed at black men for going to other countries with women of color. Think about that.

  17. I am in Ethiopia right now, if you like Brazil, you would love Ethiopia. I have been to Brazil several times. Don't get me wrong I love Brazil, I've been to Rio and Salvador, Bahia. ………But Ethiopia is also a great place. For those Brothers who like to travel..please don't sleep on traveling to African countries..They love Black Americans over here, they see us as African..their brothers and sisters…The women are unbelievable, very classy, very sexy and natural. They are very easy to talk to and also humble. It will make you fall in Love all over again with Black/African women.. The one Big thing Ethiopian women have over Black Brazilian women..equally beautiful…Ethiopian women speak English, so you can communicate a lot easier..Now this is coming from a brother who've been to Brazil a couple of times.

  18. That blk woman was very condescending and downright disrespectful toward those brothas, with the veiled insults and shaming language. I hated how they allowed her to interrupt them at every turn to curse, spew and repeat the same lies and false concerns about blk men we BEEN hearing. She did NOT help black women's cause AT ALL by coming on the show.

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