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If you want to see Worldwide videos produced by a former pro TV News and Documentary cameraman, you have come to the right channel…..
Find out why there are more than 6000 homeless people in beautiful Hawaii…Living in parks, beaches and overflowing shelters. Laid off from work and homes foreclosed. Many with Families…some have lost their children to Welfare agencies because they are homeless! What’s the solution????


  1. being around homeless people is not good. they have kids. kids are gonna be homeless.

  2. There's two types of homeless people in Hawaii. People who flew over without any back-up income and already had drug problems, and pacific islanders who have had ancestry stretching back centuries who got fucked by property tax laws.

  3. You came to Hawaii for work? I'm shocked that didn't work out.

  4. The girl talking to her self , her name is Dolly. Got cigarettes uncle. Meth will mess you up especially if you already have problems. 

  5. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS                       YELLOW STAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Choose New Zealand!!!
    New Zealand will help the Polynesian! Just don't make New Zealand your enemy! It's in process!

  7. Hawaii needs to find out which homeless are druggies (mainly meth)  and tell them to go eff off,  then we can support the low % of the homeless population who are homeless because of unfortunate circumstances and help them with increased resources to get back on their feet. They also need to find out which ones are not from here and send them back to wherever they came from. It's really that simple but everytime you prupose a solution some hippie jumps out of the wood works talking about "being humane" to prolong this shitty situation that all these people are in. Whats humane? is helping the people that really need our help and dropping the leeches just looking for a meal before they smoke their next rock.

  8. 0:54 seconds see that girl talking to her self? More than half the homeless people i see in oahu do that and either oahu has a schizophrenia rate 1000x higher than it should be or people are crystal methed out of their effing minds. I'll go with the meth answer since the actual people reported to be affected by that disease is 1.1%  of 7.5 billion (entire world). Someone is sending these douches here from the mainland, most of them are non local. Some town prob got tired of the local junkie and said "here's a one way ticket to hawaii…its never cold there" have fun.

  9. meth // heroin is the main reason most of them are homeless

  10. virgendeguadalupe virgen

    God and Jesus Christ, couldn`t solve the problem of the homeless, what makes this mere mortals think they can.

  11. What amazes me is the tourist, ive never been to Hawaii, but I cant see how they can spend all that money of a vacation and have fun with homeless people right there. Do they act as if they aren't there ? I don't believe I could do that

  12. Very sad , no disrespect but if I was to be homeless Hawaii would be the place to do it I suppose

  13. The solution: limit conversion of SRO hotels into upscale hotels for tourists, conversion of a few SRO hotels into homeless shelters, and limitation on condominium developments.

  14. Massive HPD and political corruption, Yakuza controlled Japanese tourism, police chiefs distributing meth, Christian churches stealing community resources – welcome to Hawaii. A 3rd world with 1st world amenities. Capitol of the multi-family in one house culture. Ainokea (I don't care) is a bumper sticker of "national" pride. HPD can be rented out as security for churches and construction sites and private parties. Can you say "conflict of interest"? Hawaii is a Military state. google FIGHTPORN

  15. Sad, but true…been contemplating to move back to Hawaii, but afraid I'll be one of them :-(

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