What to Do in Honolulu, Hawaii | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

What to Do in Honolulu, Hawaii | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

- in Hawaii Vacation Guide

What to Do in Honolulu, Hawaii | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

The fragrance of an orchid lei; the taste of perfect sushi; grand island residences and the blue-green sea: This is Honolulu.

Produced by: Fritzie Andrade, Erik Braund, Chase Mallen, Oresti Tsonopoulos and Will Lloyd

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What to Do in Honolulu, Hawaii | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times
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  1. Max Shine Auto Care

    Don't believe everything you hear! Most Hawaiians have good hearts and will welcome you in.The problem comes when visitors come here and bring the mainland attitude of being better thanMinorities with them., not understanding that in Hawaii they are the Minority, therefore when visiting the Islands smile enjoy the culture and by all means get the thought out of your head about being hated by the locals.Aloha :0)

  2. it is true. the white people are very racist and nosy. so, the Polynesians and somoans hate them. if the same thing was done back to the white people, they wouldn't like it. wait! it is being done. the Mexicans are doing a good job acting like the white back to the white people in California.

  3. Moving there this month (:

  4. Where the hell are the indigenous hawaiians? Are they stuffed in a museum for the tourists or what?

  5. I would wear one of those hats.

  6. Played in the Iolani palace when I was young before it was restored. Miss my island home.

  7. I heard the Polynesians and Samoans hate white people there bc they are very racist and don't know how to mind their own business……… Just what I heard.

  8. Robertson Tirado

    Mahalo, went their two years ago, awesome. But I saw it through different eyes than NYT, everyone will see it different too.

  9. Hawaii is home eventho i"m not Hawaiian.

  10. All non-indigenous people please vacate Hawaii including the Asian-population who pass themselves off as Hawaiians in order to assimilate into the native system of caste-typing, sickening.  ASAP: you all look like desperate seekers of escapist-fare, essentially marauders and destroyers AND exploiters of culture !!

  11. Go to polynesian cultural center on north shore of oahu (about 1 hour or so from waikiki). Its better than all these sites featured in this video.

  12. Byyoursideentombed

    This was already posted the other week lol

  13. looks like a shithole

  14. reupload?

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