What is First Class Air Travel Like? Flying to Hawaii

What is First Class Air Travel Like? Flying to Hawaii

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What is First Class Air Travel Like? Flying to Hawaii

My experience flying first class from California to Hawaii.
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What is First Class Air Travel Like? Flying to Hawaii


  1. Delta First Class, like AA and UA just can't compete internationally with the foreign flag carriers.

  2. Long live Windows XP!

  3. Nice Delta 757-300!

  4. hey maan i like your videos… I watch dem allthe time… I plan on going couchsurfing next year around the world! Tnx for the inspiration and Pov footage on traveling….. Peace……

  5. I flew Delta to Cabo for a mission trip and vacation.

  6. loved the video! it really made me want to go back to hawaii – i was there in 2009.
    i was in paris a couple months ago and i made a little movie about it.
    check it out on my channel and let me know what you think. 
    i am going to colombia this week and I'm going to film my trip!
    keep creating! ill be following you.

  7. You mentioned you're from portland oregon. Where do you reside now? I travel all over the U.S. and internationally as much as I can but don't know if I could ever leave the PNW. Been considering making the move to Bend, OR area though. Either in Bend or one of the surrounding cities. I really like Mt. Bachelor city. It's only like 10 min from bend and the condo I'm looking at leasing is right on the Deschutes river. It's beautiful out there. Good luck with your travels. What do you do for a living primarily when you're not doing your VLOG?

  8. I fly delta first class regularly. They do a pretty nice job. United and American Airlines is comparable. Where it really gets good is first class international flights. It's 10 times more awesome! I recently flew first class out of Los Angeles (I'm live in portland, oregon and my connection was in Los Angeles) and i flew 1st class on a Boeing 747 with British airways. It was EXTREMELY comfortable. Had as many drinks and snacks as I wanted, along with 3 full 3 course meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with that I had my own little cube yo myself with large TV with a bunch of movie channels or on demand movies and if I wanted to take a nap my chair laid all the way flat and leg extentions came up creating a full bed to sleep. It was amazing. The 747 is a double decker plane and they had a cool lounge up stairs where my seat was. On the lower level is where the business class and economy seats are and even the economy was much nicer than economy on a domestic flight. I'm flying to Asia soon and will be flying first class again. I fly so much that I am automatically upgraded to first class on domestic flights and no business class on international, which business class international is nicer than first class domestic. Great vid, again and safe travels. 

  9. How long was the trip from California from Hawaii?

  10. So nice..on the new dreamliner its even better.

  11. I'd love to fly 1st class on international flights.

  12. First class is awesome, getting a first class flight without having to pay for a first class flight is amazing! Cant wait for future videos! 

  13. Enjoyed the video Gabriel. Looking forward to your Kauai adventures.!!

  14. So did Delta upgrade you to First for the inconvenience you had at Oakland? Either way, loved the video. Looking forward to Kauai videos!

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