Visit Montreal – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Montreal, Canada

Visit Montreal – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Montreal, Canada

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What to see & do in Montreal, the fun and not so fun aspects of visiting one of the most multicultural cities in North America. From great food and nightlife to sketchy neighborhoods, it is the best and worst of Montreal.
I love Montreal.
I hate Montreal.
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014

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5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Montreal

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  1. I'm English (And live in the UK if you haven't already guessed), and to be truthfully honest Canada has never really "excited" me as such, like for example a few years ago I would rather of visited the US or Australia, but now over the past month or so, I have really wanted to visit Canada, specifically Montreal. I know that you would thought that a Brit would go to somewhere like Ottawa or Toronto, but I am actually really interested in going to Montreal…

    I just find the whole English-French thing really unique and amazing, and that it seems to be more fresher, European like, more "Welcoming" and "Nicer" to Tourists, compared to other Canadian cities (I'm not saying that other Canadian city's are not nice). I think also that it would be fun to stand out as a British tourist and see people's reaction's, and try out my skills at talking Canadian-French, etc. I know it may sound a bit deliberately awkward, but I kind of also want to go there as it's not a mainly English speaking place, like everywhere else in the UK, US, Rest of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc, but at the same time it still has a fair bit of English influence and way that could come in handy. Hopefully I will get enough money and plan ahead enough to be able to go there at some point in the next 2 years or so, as i'm only 17 now, and jumping up and saying "Right i'm off to Canada" all the way from the UK would be a bit awkward financially and practically right now, haha.

  2. spending time in Montreal and Quebec this January. Do you suggest I spend more time in Montreal or Quebec? I am already booked for 5 nights in Montreal and 3 in Quebec. Do you think that is adequate time to spend in each city. ?

  3. Zachariah Pearson

    Does it get SEEDY sometimes? Try a synonym, Wolter.

  4. What in some cities attracts homelessness or the homeless?

  5. damnn see you soon !!!! 😀 :D

  6. I declare this a good depiction of montreal
    source: I live there

  7. You didn't mention Le Plateau… Montreal is metropolitan but it has many neighbourhoods that is the opposite!

  8. Montreal the most multicultural city in Canada?… No Toronto is far more diverse! Heck last I checked Toronto was the second most diverse city in the world. I've lived next to both cities so I would know.

  9. I was born here in Montreal and still do, I'll make a quick comment in regards to scene 4:36 no my friend you are not loosing your mind.

    In scene 4:36 you will notice a woman using our hi-tec transponder system whereas with a special travel card one which can be placed in your pocket or purse – wallet
    when next to a transponder it reads the special card and the transponder pod is then activated allowing people to travel to any location in Montreal in nano seconds.

    So not to worry your mind is in tact, all you noticed was a woman using our transponder system.

    No camera trick…Watch 4:36 and listen to the man talking and his video
    no cuts – this vid was in no way Doctored. Just a woman using a transponder…

    And yes.. it is really new tech, just we Montreal'er never openly talk about it as it is hard for some people to wrap their mind on the idea.

    feel free to contact me for more info or if you would like to use the transponder

  10. The Deere Gamers

    Did I See Retroolschool in this vid??

  11. Welcome in Montreal! : )

  12. Montreal is the capital city of raelians (the people who believe we were created by an extra-terrestrial civilisation) in all americas.

  13. Hi Wolter,
    Really enjoy ur insights-Thx:-)
    Where is home for u & ur family?
    We live in Vancouver & I have visited Montreal twice in the past 11 months.
    3 nights in July 2014 with family (my 12 yr old nephew, my wife, sister-in-law and Norwegian mom-in-law) and we checked out the Bio Dome, Rue Du St Catherine, Old Montreal, toured Notre Dame, McGill area, Peel Street, Mt Royal area, Joseph Oratory and toured the Molson Center (we are big NHL fans).
    We stayed in an apartment opposite the Delta hotel on Avenue du Président-Kennedy and had a car rental.
    It was the 1st visit for the other 4 family members as I have been there about 5 times before.
    We ate at Schwartz Deli, Main St., Deli, Montreal Poutine, Bagel place, Sushi after the BioDome, Checked out the rooftop bar at Terrasse Place D'armes & The Asian water theme at the Holiday Inn.
    Upon reflection we really enjoyed Old Montreal the most. We easily could have stayed 2 days there just to soak up the views of the waterfront area, people watching, patio bars, old buildings and lots of shopping and dining options.
    The 2nd visit was just my wife & I just last month taking in the F1 race and festivities for 4 nights.
    We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on Avenue du Président-Kennedy and took transit to the F1 race.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit there.
    We ate at Dunns Deli, Bellagio Italian Restaurant (twice-we really enjoyed it) 3 Brassiere, and grabbed breaky at Starbucks, Tim Horton's and a little cafe near the hotel.
    The staff at the hotel were very friendly & helpful and we engaged in many conversations with locals at the track and to & from the track.
    The weather was great (rained 1 day), the transit was easy to understand (we r NOT transit peps) and we had great encounters with retail staff on Rue de St. Catherines.
    Both recent visits we saw a few homeless peps (near the Delta hotel) but had NO negative encounters.
    Al in all we are definitely returning to another F1 race week in Montreal and will spend much more time in Old Montreal too.
    Thx for the videos:-)

  14. be wise In MTL trust…

  15. Montreal is cool, i was born there and spent most of my life there. Instead of the traffic and the extrem opposite wheaters (to warm and humid in summer, and too cold and snowy in winter), i love its multi-cultural aspects. :)

  16. Well done, but should be prefaced as only advice for americans. The rest of the world need not be ''warned''.

  17. It's worth finding your way to St Joseph's Oratory, which I regard as a universal religious monument.

  18. maybe you guys should do a video on 5 things you'll love and hate about Vancouver

  19. Hi! I love your channel! Do you have some tips about where parking in Montreal and Quebec? Me and my family will going to Canada in October, and as you say, the parking is hard! Can you tell me any tips about where parking neer the attractions? (Sorry about my English, I am from Brazil) :)

  20. i miss the metro more than anything……or the food miss the food….

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