Travel/Airplane Outfit and essentials!+HAWAII VLOG

Travel/Airplane Outfit and essentials!+HAWAII VLOG

- in Hawaii Vacation Guide

Imma show you what i wore on my flight to Oahu last week as well as my carry-on essentials and stuff.


  1. yourrrr so prettyy and I love your vvvids;)

  2. Larissa Kawahara

    Lil k … Hilton Waikiki beach hotel lol

  3. Hey what editing Software do you use? I'm going to blog my trip to Italy and Germany but I'm new at this and this will be my first video so I need to know what are good editing softwares

  4. pinksparkles2278

    But………you said you would wear a CUTE outfit.

  5. I'm moving to Hawaii

  6. Jaiden Weir Jackson

    Omg I love u so much

  7. Jaiden Weir Jackson

    Lil k

  8. Lil k

  9. Where is that sweater in grey from?
    and where is that short in grey from?

  10. Michaela Zaccardi

    Lil k

  11. Are u Hawaiian or phillipino? I'm Hawaiian I don't know if I'm phillipino though

  12. Omgg I'd be soo cold if I wore that! Love the video though. Straight to the point!

  13. Lil k :)

  14. lik k

  15. Where do u get the rosy lips Vaseline 

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