Travel Vlog: Hawaii Day 1- Off to Oahu !

Travel Vlog: Hawaii Day 1- Off to Oahu !

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Travel Vlog: Hawaii Day 1- Off to Oahu !

Join my husband and I on our trip to Hawaii! First stop…Oahu!
Throughout the trip I wasn’t the best at taking vlog footage, but I did take a lot of photos! To see more about our trip check out my blog!

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  1. Hey there, I really liked the video.
    I'm starting to watch peoples travel vlogs because I plan to go next year with my girlfriend.
    I just want to get an idea on how much everything will be from plan tickets to spending money for food or souvenirs and also hotel money.

  2. that was a wonderful show to watch, thanks and your dog is lovely  and I wonder what camera have you used , Bon Voyage

  3. Tumbleweed Traveler

    Hi @lifeasleigh, I really like your channel. I've just started a travel vlog and would love some tips. :)

  4. You are very cool. Thanks 

  5. K.A. Pongpitpreecha (durtychai)

    I was born in Oahu but I'm taking my boyfriend with me for the first time next month. You've inspired me to start vlogging. +subscribed!

  6. So glad I found your vlogs because we are going to Oahu for the first time in 32 days!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your Hawaii vlogs! :)

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