Travel Time – HAWAII BIG ISLAND (Full Episode)

Travel Time – HAWAII BIG ISLAND (Full Episode)

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  1. A bit disappointed to see that a bloody ranch is given as much time on the video than the Kilauea volcano… If I wanted to watch a travel video with a ranch visit I'd a watch a Texas travel video ! There's too much about the hotel, the brewery, the ranch, and not enough about what you'd actually expect to be amazed by in Hawaii.

  2. What the hell is that near the crater left side of picture below center in the small black crater. It looks like a white horse or white plane. Anyone know?

  3. best thing about the Big Island is the modern roads and no traffic! we rented a house on the Kohala Ranch property… a very unique and relaxing place to stay! had really wanted to visit the Kona Brewery while we were there but ran out of time. gotta go back.

  4. Haole Hawaii!

  5. Yea I want to go to the Big Island and hang out with a bunch of Rednecks! wooooo hooooo!!!

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