Travel Guide to Maui, Hawaii (Part 1)

Travel Guide to Maui, Hawaii (Part 1)

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In this travel video guide to Maui, Hawaii, I travel to Maui and start off by heading to Haleakalā National Park to watch the sunrise from the highest volcano in Maui. On this part of the island, clouds form at the base of the volcano, and as the sun rises, a myriad of colors form and provide an unforgettable visual experience.

Next I throw on a wet suit and hit the waves to learn how to surf — my first time ever. Though I’ve ridden the New York City subway after happy hour before, I was still a little unsure about how my balance would be on a surfboard. Luckily, the surf instructor had a black labrador dog out on her board with us in case anything went terribly wrong.

Finally, I wrap up the day by heading to the beach with a ukulele to have a jam session with a local Maui resident and ukulele player, where we jam out to some Bob Marley as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, framed by the nearby islands of Moloka’i and Lana’i.

For more information on the surfing lessons I took, visit, and for information on where I stayed at during the first half of my trip and took my ukulele lesson, visit, and check out for info on where I stayed the second half of my trip.


The host, Matt Stabile, of this video is the founder and editor-in-chief of the travel site He also served as Director, Editor and Foley Artist for this production.


  1. Thanks for this I'll be going to Maui in January

  2. Jesus loves you with all His heart and He created Maui and He wants you to turn to Him. He is not in the church system.

  3. What Doesn't Suck?

    So excellent! Where to next on your journey plan?

  4. Really enjoying , but whats with the weird subtitled text that doenst match the dialogue ?

  5. So my fiancee and I are planning on going to Hawaii for our honeymoon sometime during October or November. We're having a hard time deciding between O'ahu and Maui. We know we want to definitely see the beauty Hawaii has to offer, but we also want to be entertained both day and night. I guess my biggest concern is; is there enough night life in Maui to satisfy us? I'm not talking about clubs, but like restaurants, entertainment, and so forth? We also plan on renting a vehicle because we'd like to come and go anywhere as we please. I would love to hear anyone's opinion on which Island they think would be best for us!

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