Travel Guide: Oahu, Hawaii

Travel Guide: Oahu, Hawaii

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Travel Guide: Oahu, Hawaii

About 75 per cent of the inhabitants of Hawaii live on this island, appropriately nicknamed the Gathering Place. profiles the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
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  1. Hawaii is the best place on earth yo!!! My wife is part Hawaiian an I go every year!!!! I got 808 tatted on me hella huge

  2. too quick view thats not a tour n tips

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    @SuperCulloden it's true, Hawaii do stay with you and make you miss it when you're not there…that's why I'm going back!

  4. After Hawaii, there is nothing else.
    The first time I visited Hawaii, I expected the memory of it to fade fast as was the case after other vacations. However that did not happen, I returned to my job in a noisy, dirty metal stamping plant, and in my mind I could still see the beauty of the flowers, hear the music and feel the gentle trade winds.
    It all gradually faded of course, but unlike other vacations that always ended abruptly upon returning to work, Hawaii lingered on for several weeks.

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  6. there is a lot of things that ins't in that video, like tikis, byodo-in temple, red san beaches, pearl harbour day ceremony…
    You must visit that web page:

  7. Just 1 minute???

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