Travel 101: Oahu, Hawaii Must See

Travel 101: Oahu, Hawaii Must See

- in Hawaii Vacation Guide

The road to Hana on Maui, the Northshore on Oahu, black sand beaches and the Garden on the Gods are just some of the places not to be missed while visiting Hawaii.


  1. 0:06 SpongeBob SquarePants music! :D

  2. Is that good or bad?

  3. @takeshimiyagi

  4. dang i wish i was in hawaii

  5. woah buddy it was a joke. i've never owned that song and i don't think my ancestors did either lol.

  6. I like how you say "US"….as if anyone tooik anything "FROM' you…maybe your distant relatoives…

    Thats like me being mad at the Germans because oif Nazi Germany…come on……

    It was their WAAAAYYYYYYYYY removed family lines.

    You should say, "They stole it from my ancestors".

  7. this guy cant pronounce any of these places.

  8. and why is that?

  9. yeah they stole it from us.

  10. What's the name of the first song? The one that's always in Spongebob….

  11. Oahu, Hawaii Must See, NOT! You should remove "Oahu" from the title, it's misleading.

  12. North Shore is awesome! Check out my Hawaii Video on my page too, life doesnt get much better than this…

  13. There are bus stops near many secluded hiking spots that do not otherwise offer parking.

  14. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but apparently I haven't seen Hawaii cuz I didn't see the black sand beach yet? =_= So apparently i've been living in a uncharted island for 16 years, and still currently am, lol.

  15. Worst travel fluff ever.

    Narrator: would you do the world a favor? Shoot yourself.

  16. @takeshimiyagi but is it cheap ?

  17. :32 hahahah! Yeah, where you can meet the locals… sounds like a blast! Please take that off the video… lol.

  18. I'm born and raised in Hawaii Oahu (:

  19. wokeupthismorning100

    Just play Test Drive Unlimited 2. I know Oahu like the back of my hand.

  20. @meatwadJ sooo true lol

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