Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries in Asia (East & Southeast)

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries in Asia (East & Southeast)

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Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries in Asia (East & Southeast)

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries in Asia based on tourist arrivals in 2011

1. China
2. Malaysia
3. Thailand
4. Singapore
5. South Korea
6. Japan
7. Indonesia
9. Viet Nam
10. Philippines
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  1. yay~ Japan~ <3 Love my country~ I would also love to visit Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. :) I have many friends from those places aha.

  2. Thailand :)

  3. CpTbLoCk bLoCkeD


  4. i proud of my country.. Vietnam…a country with beautiful lanscape., friendly people…i thing this is great destination if you want to discovery new things and enjoy the interestings things of life .. welcome you to Vietnam..

  5. Had to mute the video so people didn't think I was watching porn. 😐

  6. the visitors rank in 3 countries (Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia):
    the visitors rank for singapore are come from 1) Indonesia (2,59 M visitors/2011) 2) Malaysia (1,15 M visitors/2011)
    for Malaysia 1)Singapore (……) 2)Indonesia (2,6 M visitors/2011)
    for Indonesia are from 1)singapore (1,3 M visitors/2010) 2)Malaysia (1,5 M visitors/2011)

  7. owhh my lovely Malaysia is sooooooo breath taking!!! i so recommend this place its so beautiful!!!

  8. One should really pay a visit to China if you haven' t yet.

  9. please see the new video about asian tourism countries, type "Top 20 Asia's Tourism Countries" or copy and paste this link : watch?v=sLfPtXSb7ZQ

  10. korean waves (k-pop and K-drama) makes many people dream to go to korea.. :)

  11. hmm..yea…thai is one of the largest tourist in malaysia (2nd after singapore) and malaysian is the largest tourist in thailand..

  12. Because our currency ringgit is higher and Malaysian love shopping. Thailand offers great bargains. Also we have world class highway call the PLUS Highway and Malaysians can travel via road all the way to Haadyai with such ease. In addition Malaysia owns Air Asia – the World's Best Low Cost Airlines, where one could get real bargain. One last obvious thing – we are Thai's neighbour and many Malaysians have family ties with Thais.

  13. wow… The power of southeast asia… 6 countries out of 10…

  14. only the countries with people with small eyes. no offence

  15. @jerichorafael oh…i also have experienced like this in other social media like in facebook and twitter..and i know who did this..nevermind..have a nice day..

  16. @jerichorafael so what ur account ?

  17. @jerichorafael i have this info before december 2011, the info wrote that philippines tourist arrivals is about 3.5 million (may 2011)..the latest wikipedia info that philippines tourist arrivals is about 3.9 Million wrote in 2012, so it means not my fault..

  18. @jerichorafael in 2012 ? yes..

  19. @MrGotzaza << ahahaha…fake thai..ur not thai..but slave..white slave..mask user..

  20. I don't understand why 2 milion of malaysian tourist came to Thailand in last year 2011.

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