Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

- in European Vacation

My selection of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This is my opinion so I know no one is probably going to have the same ones as me!:) Also, I know in Rome I used pictures of buildings that are in Vatican City, I just decided to combine them.

Songs are: A River Flows in You by Yiruma
Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart
I do not own any rights to the songs all rights of “A River Flows in You” goes to Yiruma and companies that represent him. All rights of “Rondo Alla Turca” go to the companies with owner ship of that song.


  1. İstanbul is love.
    İstanbul is life
    İstanbul is hope
    İstanbul is history
    istanbul world capital
    istanbul quite another …..

  2. Seems like you have never been to Istanbul before…

  3. Yes,honorable mention is Warsaw!

  4. Where the fuck is Istanbul

  5. Carlos Daniel Londoño Páez

    Please Madrid is more beautiful than Barcelona, i don't agree with you

  6. wait!!! varsaw and not krakow or even gdanks or wroclaw. Barcelona instead of Granada…

  7. 1. Paris
    2. St Petersburg
    3. Florence
    4. Prague
    5. Budapest
    8. Rome
    9. Venice
    10. Athens

  8. Rome the best ever

  9. St.Petersburg, Budapest, Heidelberg and Edinburgh (my home town !) should have been in this list. Athens and Lisbon are overrated, Berlin is artificial. Interesting to see no Scandinavian cities on the list. Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm are pretty, but not pretty enough.

  10. sean brown header

    europe is now the muslim junkyard of the world…..there will be terriost attacks planned all over it and its beaty is now a myth…….beethoven is turning in his grave

  11. sean brown header

    muslims are bad eggs

  12. sean brown header

    where all doomed, never mind the citiys of europe you are now faced with muslims knifing you on the street for your wallet cause you decided to let a muslim population in as so called refugees…….whom i might add are mostly economic migrants……yous silly bastards, yous have destroyed europe. I would never go to germany on holiday now and i think even the yanks are scared…….the sooner th uk is out the better and i cant wait…..Europe is never going to be the same

  13. Where the fuck is Amsterdam.

  14. I l❤ve Boshprush. I think Istanbul and London the most beautifful cities of the Europe.

  15. No wonder that Europe attracts more tourists and all of the other continents combined.

  16. Galway or Dublin anyone? Both beautiful cities

  17. hey pal go fuck yourself you forgot London an budapest london may look like the same thing over an over but there is places you have never heard of in london that look beatifull

  18. My Top 10:

    1. Rome
    2. Paris 
    3. Venice
    4. Barcelona
    5. London
    6. Berlin
    7. Vienna
    8. Prague
    9. Istanbul
    10. Reykjavik

  19. my top 10

  20. I think Athens deserved to be at the top 5 but it's alright

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