The Most Beautiful Places In World-Asia

The Most Beautiful Places In World-Asia

- in Asian Holiday Places

The Most Beautiful Places In World-Asia

Artist;Ayman,Song;The Sultan’s Dream Reprise(Remix)
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  1. what d fuck……………mt. everest lies in nepal not in china u idiot………

  2. Yean no offence but Mount everest lies in nepal not in nepal-china. If you want to know beautiful places in nepal to visit then is good choice

  3. Uzol Lancer (Follower of CHRIST)

    Mt.Everest belongs to NEPAL only..Be updated ….NEPAL

  4. Every place on this list is magnificent!

  5. GORGEOUS ASIA – what a splendid continent, WONDERS to see without end!

  6. you just write one pleace in indonesia but a lot of beautiful pleace in indonesia

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  9. bdninja likes

  10. GrafitiGamingVEVO


  11. Gua Niah is the biggest cave in the world.Malaysia

  12. Mount Kinabalu is higher then Fuji mount

  13. How about Langkawi,Malaysia?

  14. some one don't know Chinese man, so please don't say any words about Chinese man, not every one is 5.2 inches, and what's mean by yellow man

  15. The Lena Pillars in Russia look amazing.

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