The Most Beautiful Landscapes (Europe) Vacation Travel Guide

The Most Beautiful Landscapes (Europe) Vacation Travel Guide

- in European Vacation

Travel video about the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

When one thinks of Europe, the first images to come to mind are those of cities rich in history and monuments attracting tourists from all over the world, a small continent densely populated and with a rich cultural and architectural heritage

But away from these clichés, from the Black Sea to the Atlantic and from the Arctic Polar Circle to the shores of the Mediterranean, Europe offers landscapes of extreme diversity, an infinite variety of plants and wildlife.

NATURAL WONDERS OF EUROPE shows another face of the Old Continent, one that is lesser known yet beautiful to admire.
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  1. Heaven Unearthed

    Very Nice.

  2. 2016 a 4 by 3 video and low quality?

  3. Certainly beautiful, but such a shame that it can only be viewed on narrow screen instead of full screen.

  4. Vladimir Entimirov

    Very beautiful!!!

  5. Loved this video, EXCEPT for the music, in most parts I was unable to hear the narrator for the music, guess it wasn't checked before releasing it on the public.

  6. eddie gonzalves

    is this ice in between of the mountains of 'landmanalaguar'

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