The Daily Show – Spot the Africa

The Daily Show – Spot the Africa

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Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits that he hesitated to visit a country as troubled as the U.S.

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  1. trevor noah PogChamp

  2. Yea i remember watching this and remembering how i thought for a moment that Trevor was smarter than Jon turns out they are equal and the daily show should remain 'daily'.

  3. the skills to joke about the colour , nationality and origin, i mean the perception of the humor is the sign of the country's development and freedom of all stupid superstitions.

  4. even the Superhighway is from Kenya, Central Africa.

  5. Jonathan Skrzyniarz

    this has to be the moment when Stewart says I think I know who will take over for me

  6. Gamer Complainer

    it ironic like a year from then he took over there show wonder if they ever expected that

  7. Story of Asia is pretty much the same. Best infrastructure, best airports, busiest harbors, high speed rail (that America doesn't even have) but western world refer Asia to deserts in Afganistan, villages in India or old streets in China.

  8. Trust me, SA is WAY worse off than the US. Just look at their homicide rate. Even compare their Johannesburg slums with the slums of Detroit. No competition, this is quite deceitful. Not to mention the fact that the comparison between wealth in Apartheid SA and the USA has been debunked as it was a comparison between wealth and income, which is NOT the same thing. On an income basis, blacks in SA were earning 6.8% compared to that of whites. In the US today, blacks are earning 59% of whites. Not good, but not to the ridiculous level the commentator implied.

  9. Even he doest know about somali he is fucking idiot ,Somalia is not what you think

  10. White people are so sensitive and fragile it's hilarious. Don't want to here about how shitty your country is to minorities

  11. Some of this was funny and some was bloody offensive. At least he put the ignorant Westerners to shame

  12. First thing he does is complain, typical liberal.

  13. trevor is awesome

  14. I am so in love right now

  15. Google exists but people are still ignorant!?

  16. This video gave me cancer.

  17. Alexander Talm (PSYC101)

    Just realized,
    "I took that from my cab on my way here from the airport. FDR…"
    That looks like a red, dented, slightly dull truck/short sedan hood. What cab service was he possibly taking?

  18. Man, I hate that song. I'm glad they made fun of it.

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