Study in America – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Studying Abroad in the USA

Study in America – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Studying Abroad in the USA

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Thousands of students come to study in the USA every year. Here are the best & worst parts of studying abroad in America, from high prices and students not wanting to work with you, but the great parties and fun people make up for it.
Filmed in Knoxville, TN, Oxford, MS & Athens, GA
University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, Ole Miss
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  2. ‫تعلم و استفد‬‎

    is there any option for a poor student from north africa seeks to continue his Master degree in english literature in Us .actually i am looking for any way to move on to america .my aim is to find a job there and support my family thats my biggest concern. so can you help me out sir ?

  3. the thing that really drag me to us is the educational system…..i mean practical exposure is the best part…..i really want to study in us…n gr8 work on video…i was helpful

  4. hey sir i hope you're doing good, i really want to study in the Us but i don't have a lot of money i mean i really don't have a lot of money

  5. studying in the us 5 things you won't like nr1 school shootings

  6. Thank you sir!!! It helps a lot

  7. what about uk and canada

  8. 6
    more likely to die in a mass shooting in college, than to have a rain shower

  9. Fantastic video!! In our country, our study is based on mem0orization skill, but USA teaches practical things that is so cool. Actually i am getting bored as i require memorizing lots of materials before each exam. I do not wanna memorize those sheets blindly. :( Now, I am considering to study in US.

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  11. Interesting video! What is your opinion on grade inflation in the US? I heard that a large portion of students in the US get A's or B's. Whereas for example in Germany, only a tiny proportion of people get an A (at least in engineering and science). Or do you think the better grades are justified because of higher workloads?
    I studied at the higher renowned universities in Japan and Germany, and found the workload in Germany much tougher, btw. Thanks!

  12. you are so obnoxious

  13. At our University in Madrid, it's similar to what you've described, lots of hands-on work and no difference between our students and exchange. Really cool!

  14. wolterswrd wich university that can i study in and offers schoolarship that covers all the expenses of studying

  15. which university is best for me.. to get the jobs and good carrier in film making

  16. Great information

  17. Hey professor thank you for the informations! i have a question, so i'm a moroccan student and i really really love usa and everything related to it and i want to study there but my parents can't afford the price so if you can give me any information on how to apply for 100% free scholarship ?thank you again !

  18. Hi I am a Irish American living in Ireland I don't have a house is the us but my grandparents live is new York so do I count as a study abroad student if I say I live with my grandparents? PS can I do that

  19. In france we have a lot of different options after high school but when you go to business school or engineer school it's kind of the same than your americans universities, there are parties, clubs, campus, sometimes the school has his own newspaper or radio.

  20. I am a college student in the USA, and I have been to 3 different schools, and studied there. Yes. I am transfer student, if you are wondering, and I will say that as a student who attends Old dominion University, Exchange students typically like it here in America. Everything this man said in his video is right btw. School is challenging in the U.S. and exchange students do think that we a lot of work to do here… but its not that bad. You get used to it. If you go to a public school then you can expect to party a lot. At colleges it is very diverse, but most college students are white. If your of a different ethnicity, they have clubs so u can still celebrate your culture here with ppl like u. Every semester I pay about $1000 for my books. Tuition is bout 34,000$ here (depending on ur school) ppl are friendly, nd makn friends is easy. but we are so used to seeing ppl from different cultures, and stuff. Don't expect amercan's to roll the red carpet out for u. Nonetheless, everyone will love u, and if ur a girl, all of the guy will want u.We love foreign girls. HAVE FUN ! :)

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