Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

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Singapore is a country which is small in demographical area and wide in its economic status, in South East Asia. It is a country blend with a variety of cultures as there are individuals from countries like Malaysia, Chinese, Indian and Europe.
The most important places to visit in Los Angeles are: Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Segway, Tiger Sky tower, Cineblast, Singapore Discovery and Centre & Army museum.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Singapore travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on, a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.


  1. Иван Иванов

    Автор видео всеми силами хочет показать,что Сингапур-это азиатская страна,но это не так,Сингапур-это Европа расположенная в Азии,сингапурцев трудно назвать азиатами,они европейцы с азиатской внешностью,это видно во всем,в менталитете,жестах и т.д.

  2. Peaceful,Beautiful,neat and clean place

  3. is this the best place on earth

  4. …and no gun totting racist white American to be seen…true paradise indeed.

  5. 新加坡旅遊指南 – 不容錯過的景點

  6. They deported me…last time I don't have the hotel I like Singapore.

  7. such a beautiful place!!


  9. good

  10. Jeerayoot Muenaon

    Singapore a Beautiful.

  11. Omg i can't wait to visit singaporeee with my school !!! singapore im coming yay

  12. I wanna go there to meet Begonia Lol!!!

  13. TheUsualSuspect77

    Dam… I wanna go there, WOW!

  14. Singapore is great but is very expensive.

  15. Maureen O’Connell (Scholastic)

    Amazing work! Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

  16. damn, now I have to go there again….

  17. iam from dubai i went there 4 weeks a go what a beautiful country loved it so much

  18. Singapore is a reasonably pleasant place, its a bit sterile and lacks character though. It's nice for a couple of days, tops.

  19. Sagarika Dehigaspiteyage

    so nice

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