Russia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Russia Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Russia.
Russia is a country full of adventure, culture and vast distances. A continent, a multi-ethnic country and a vast land unites both Europe and Asia. Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city in Europe in which both Tsar rule and soviet communism gave the city its present appearance. The Kremlin is located on a forty metre high hill above the Moskva River and beyond its protective walls are numerous buildings, palaces, towers, squares and churches. The city’s history began with the construction of the Kremlin which lay at the very heart of the city and was for centuries Russia’s spiritual and political centre. A fascinating cruise travels across numerous rivers, canals and lakes within the heart of the former Tsar’s realm, past monasteries and timber built churches. In Uglič the Dimitrijvskaija Church is crowned with blue, onion-shaped domes that are adorned with stars. The red colour of the church is a symbol of bloodshed and the incidents that once occurred at this place of death gave rise to a time of confusion. St. Petersburg, known also as the Venice Of The North, contains splendid buildings such as the Winter Palace and the Eremitage. Twenty four thousand tree stumps were used for the foundation of Isaaks Cathedral that can accommodate a congregation of fourteen thousand. In Port Baikal is the modern Circum-Baikal train that takes a full day to travel around Lake Baikal and is one of the most difficult sections of the Trans-Siberian Railroad that travels from Moscow to as far as Vladivostok. Russia is huge and its nature, culture, immense contrast and dramatic history have formed the fascinating and colourful Russian soul.
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  1. Monowar Hossain

    Absolutely brilliant ! :)

  2. wooooow it's amazing watch our video

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  4. Zahid Hasan Shishir

    F**king church everywhere !

  5. Extremely well-done!

  6. im indonesian im so love rusia,want go to there

  7. Just looking at the architecture and history makes me move over there. I don't care if they are communist or democrats. Russia is lovely and i want to there.

  8. Zachary Brandon

    You should Do A Las Vegas Travel

  9. 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

    This is a tourist promotion. It does not cover the grinding hardship endured by many Russians, especially in the regions. It does not inform the viewer than Russia is running out of children. It does not cover the way that Russian men are not supporting their women. It does not list the disappearing villages. Or the fractured districts of post-industrial cities. No coverage of the corruption. Russia has serious problems.        Do the Russians have a plan to fix their own social infrastructure ? It seems not. There is too much wealth in Moscow, and too little everywhere else.

  10. Mediterranid guy blah blah blah

    Sorry but Russian women hate GreekRomanian guys.I dont like Russia.Rude people on Internet.
    Russia doesnt last forever either.

  11. Carlo Defilippi

    Magnificent Russia! Hope to visit it one day! до свидания!

  12. Russian for beginners: Learn how to read in Russian in 5 minutes!

    Thank you for very interesting video!

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  15. Charanpreet Singhalingaling

    i must say this is very informative

  16. Why does he just talk about religious monuments so much. That is so boring

  17. May I know which Tour company you used for this trip please. Thank you.

  18. Brinda Mitchell

    Moscow is by far the most beautiful and the cleanest city in the world! I had no idea there were rich people in Russia? To hear it from the American perspective, Russia is the poorest country on earth?

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