Planning your first trip to Europe – Where to go in Europe (Episode 1)

Planning your first trip to Europe – Where to go in Europe (Episode 1)

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Lots of people want to visit Europe, but due to finances or planning issues most people never get the chance. We started a video blog to help first time visitors plan that trip to Europe. This series provides you with all the information you’ll need, including where and when to go, what to see and do, where to eat and stay, and how to get around with public transit. We developed an easy itenarary that allows first time visitors to navigate Amsterdam, Delft, Antwerp, and Paris.
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  1. why do you think Winter flights to Europe are cheaper in February? Because no one wants to go to Europe in the freezing cold DUH

  2. What about more than 30 days!!

  3. Jocelyn Jocson

    Hi Mike! I am going to Italy for a bike tour in Riccione and our shuttle picking us up will be in Bologna. The tour is from Sept 10-17. I am trying to figure out a plan as this is my first trip to Europe and would want to visit countries other than Italy. I was thinking of having an extended trip from sept 2 to sept 23-24. So I basically have about 12-14 days or two weeks (one week before Riccione and one week after). What would you recommend the cities I should visit before and after?

  4. The content of your youtube page is rich (full of practical tips for traveling to Europe). Thanks!

  5. Ashi Kulshrestha

    Hi mike , we (2 adults and 2 kids) are planning a trip to europe and we are planning to go in may so can u pls suggest where what when how…..pls

  6. Mike. Your video is helpful.. Next year i will have europe trip

  7. Shilpa Mukherjee

    Hi Mike, we intend to have a Christmas trip to Europe, say about 20 – 25 days along with our 4 year old kid. Kindly recommend how to go about it

  8. What cities would you recommend visiting if we had 18 days?

  9. the second I can leave (Aug 2016 to be exact) I' m doing it

  10. Awesome video Mike! I think it's safe to say I'm a travel addict & when I'm not on the road myself I like to live vicariously through others haha, your video got the job done & definitely makes me want to visit! I know all the hard work that you put into filming & editing this video cause I just recently returned from a trip around Europe where I started making travel videos as well. Anyways I just wanted to stop by & say great work, keep making videos like this :)

  11. Daniel Konopelski

    Do you think Lisbon's Airport is nice and able to fly in to Chicago

  12. It's really not that hard to visit Bruges & Ghent. 
    Brussels, the capital of the EU & Belgium is key. Brussels is deadcenter between Amsterdan and Paris. You can easly go From Amsterdam – Antwerp – Brussels ( from Brussels to Ghent – Bruges and back Bruges – Ghent – Brussels) Brussels <-Ghent-> Bruges is one direct trainride and takes 1h30min a trip. And back in Brussels you got a direct train to Paris. If you wanna get the Mediëval Europe experience, go to Flanders (Region in Belgium). The mediëval county of Flanders (Bruges – Ghent – Antwerp) is where the Northern Renaissance happened. The best place to experience Mediëval Northern Europe, many buildings of that time are preserved, especially in Bruges. Youll have a much larger experience of Mediëval Europe in Belgium thn in The Netherlands. Belgium has over 3000 castles, the country with the highest castles/square miles rate in the world.

  13. How much  will it cost all together? could you break it down as to how much for flights then how much for 3 days Amsterdam and in doing what there and so forth with all the different places!

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