Our trip to Oahu Hawaii

Our trip to Oahu Hawaii

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Our trip to Oahu Hawaii

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  1. Great video, I felt like I was there.

  2. nice video

  3. Harlan on YouTube

    Fantastic video, and edited well. I love the Over the Rainbow mix too, can you tell me the track details as I'd like to get hold of this specific mix. Thanks!

  4. What kind of go pro did you use? Nice vid btw :)

  5. I live here

  6. I'm moving to Oahu in July and I was already excited. But now that I have watched this, I'm even MORE excited!!!

  7. I miss this place so much and good thing I will be visiting my family in june so yah deal with it

  8. BEST.. VIDEO.. EVERRRRRR!!! I'm going to be attending Hawaii Pacific University in August and I live in Connecticut so this video was just what I needed to get pumped about moving to such a gorgeous island. Loved your video, thanks!

  9. Saphire Stoutemire

    awwwhhhh going to hawaii with my love in june hope we have as much fun !!!

  10. Amazing video! I really loved the mix of Bruddah IZ Over the Rainbow, question: was that your dog ? (cute) If so, was there a quarantine waiting period to travel. 

  11. Nice video! What video editor did you use?

  12. Awesome video:) so excited to go this summer!! Where did you get your music??? Love it thanks for sharing! 

  13. Did u also use a drone to film some of the footage?,.. dji phantom perhaps?

  14. Ronald Tolentino

    Awesome video!!! We are going to Oahu – Big Island next week from Chicago. We are still undecided if we should take group tours or just rent a car and do the tour ourselves. Any insight about it? Any suggestions, cool things to do in Oahu? Thanks in advance!

  15. Great video! Very well made. 

  16. Very nice video. What did you use to record all the images?

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