Our Generation Bon Voyage Travel Set for American Girl Dolls! HD WATCH IN HD!

Our Generation Bon Voyage Travel Set for American Girl Dolls! HD WATCH IN HD!

- in American Travel

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I was so excited to find this Our Generation Bon Voyage Travel Set and it’s perfect for Matilda Grace :)
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Thank you guys so much for watching


  1. resee is a travel doll

  2. That is so cool

  3. Super cute!

  4. Makenna Christensen

    AWESOME VIDEO!!!I got the Bin Voyage set just because you showed me.It could be amazing if you can do a video that shows og ideas for diy.No money plz cuz I don't have the time.Im also not that old.Im around 10 so I don't have a lot of money.Thx,live laugh love,kenna.

  5. Rebecca Rubin looks just like me!!!!

  6. Hi agosf you are the best AGtuber I have ever seen!!!!YOU MAKE SERIOUSLY GOOD VIDEOS!!!!!YOU ARE YOU POLITE I LOVE YOU're voice

  7. AGGlitterCheernastics

    I just got this set 1 week ago

  8. I ordered this and I'm so excited to get it

  9. The video was great! But I'm getting grace soon and I wanted to know which travel set did you like more? Thank you :)

  10. U are amazing and I really like you're Chanel 

  11. DollTimeWithMsKityy

    I have that our generation travel set

  12. I have that set

  13. Lizabeth Rico-Case

    I have a question what do you like better ? Og stuff or ag stuff ? 

  14. I. love. your. channel

  15. Will you ever show your face. Just a question

  16. Its a sunglasses holder not a carry on bag

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