Norway (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Norway (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Norway.
Norway is a fascinating land in the extreme north of Europe where both magic and fairytales are very much alive. It has crystal clear lakes and rivers, snow covered mountains, idyllic fishing villages and endless beaches that are only accessible by boat.Although the Norwegian metropolis of Oslo is a modern city it continues to be inspired by the lively spirit of its past traders, fighting men and seafarers. Oslo is a harbour town that lies well sheltered at the end of a fjord and in the ninth century it was much appreciated by the Vikings who travelled throughout the known world, plundering much of it! Bergen’s main tourist attraction is the Bryggen district that originated in the middle of the fourteenth century when it was heavily influenced by the North German Hanseatic Office. The city not only boasts a fascinating history but also a number of music festivals and it was the birthplace of world famous composer Edvard Grieg. Trondheim is Norway’s historic capital in which the country’s kings have been crowned. The Nidaros Domkirke is the most splendid Gothic cathedral in northern Europe. It was built on the bones of Holy Olav. For several centuries it has been a place of pilgrimage and since the Middle Ages the Norwegian kings were crowned and also entombed within its walls. The small village of Nusfjord is located in front of a captivating backdrop of mountains. Due to its unique location it looks more like a high mountain village than a fishing settlement. It is both an historical as well as a cultural treasure. It is easy to understand why the descendants of the Vikings are so proud of their fascinating home in the extreme north. Norway, a country bursting with breathtaking and untamed beauty!


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  2. This video must be very old. Up to 30 years old ?

  3. That folk dance was cute…

  4. I've always wanted to visit Norway to see the Northern Lights; in this entire documentary… nothing was even mentioned about the Auroras~~~???~~~

  5. What is the title of piano song played in minutes 4:00 ?

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    Check out humorous fiction:  CONFESSOR JOE (BKS. 1-3) on
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    Norway is beautiful contry

  8. The best country in the world! Realy.

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    2015,Noen ?

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  11. my future Viking home!

  12. enjoy life with Ksuny

    I have been in this amazing county few month ago and it was fabulous trip! So, I decided to make a little video about Norway) if you are interested, welcome!:)


    <3   NORWAY    <3

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