My Favorite City in Europe: Vienna – AUSTRIA 2016 TRAVEL

My Favorite City in Europe: Vienna – AUSTRIA 2016 TRAVEL

- in European Vacation

Vienna, Austria was my favorite travel destination in Europe and also my favorite European city. The architecture, the food, the atmosphere created a wonderful few days. The hotel experience wasn’t so bad either – the Imperial Hotel was the most luxurious and expensive place I’ve ever stayed at. The Elizabethian Suite was 1500 Europs a night according to the door price. I have no idea how much the actual room cost because it was sponsored.

Austria – Vienna – So European

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  1. Kyle Le Dot Net

    A local travel company out of Canada sponsored this trip and hotels! I didn't get paid and The Hotel DID NOT pay me either.

  2. Nice trip report! Best regards from Vienna!

  3. Nice video Kyle

  4. Didn't you visit the place of the small vietnamese community in Vienna's 11th district?

  5. Hah! Peasants, eating on the sidewalk! :d

  6. since my childhood i wanted to marry asian girl. I hope i do!!

  7. Me a my dad has been to Vienna and LOVED it !! stayed at the Lender Hotel they have A/C but love the town would like to go back…..

  8. Very underrated. It's rare to see Vienna on most Top 10 European Cities list. Maybe because it's expensive but London is more expensive yet it makes everyone's top 10 list.

  9. il be travelling in may to vienna thanks for the beautiful video

  10. Blunter Marlon

    Own us today! Hotel Imperial <3

  11. Haha hes never been to prague if this is his favorite city in europe

  12. beautiful video your fan from taiwan

  13. Ármin de Villa

    I hate your kind of tourist. Did not experiece anything really. Ate at the hotel all the time and a hotdog on a street, and a fkin pizza when you could taste some authentic food. Seen 1 site and you say it's your favourite place in europe. Dumbass.

  14. I mean if you are rich every city is beautiful, since you only see the good parts xD

  15. What you do. …O. M. G.
    I have Not the monney to do this

  16. great food, nice People. ..Thats. Vienna. ..Im from. .and proud. …
    nice Christmas. ..go to RATHAUS. ..

  17. Thanks for this great video!! To be honest at first, I thought you were a millionaire when I saw you stayed at the Imperial, but then I read the comments and everything went back to normal 😉 You're right that Vienna is stunning and peaceful at night, but sadly, this only applies to the inner city and its surroundings. Born in the 21st and now living in the 22nd district, I can assure you that it could even be quite dangerous to go out at night!! Also, the outer districts are more dirty and rundown in general. But still, as a tourist you could always choose to stay at the nice places only, and we have plenty of them :)

  18. Rıdvan Beyenal

    Hello, What was your video settings for night shots? ISO, f stop and shutter speed

  19. BlackGirlMagic

    Hands down the best Vlog I've seen yet about Vienna/Europe (International media girl from the motherland living here!).Living here for a while,I'm too impressed!The editing,the Essence! You rock!.Subscribed!!

  20. To go to Vienna and eat pizza and risotto. You made my day !

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