Move over Amsterdam, the top 5: alternative holiday destinations for weed smokers

Move over Amsterdam, the top 5: alternative holiday destinations for weed smokers

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For years The Dutch capital Amsterdam has been the go to place for trippy how high vacation. But as laws tighten we check out 5 alternative destinations for a cool holiday and a (semi) legal high:

Number 5: Cambodia

While sparking up a joint is technically illegal, Khmer people and visitors to the country frequently indulge in the soft drug. In the South East Asian country getting high is all about eating the stuff, especially on Pizza available at ‘Happy Restaurants’ across the country.

Number 4 the United States of America

Well actually two states, Colorado and Washington. In November 2012 both States voted to legalise the recreational use of marijuana. Once the law is in effect possession of up to 28.5 grams might make you loose a few hours of your life but won’t end up with a trip to the slammer.

Number 3 Argentina

While drugs are a big issue in South America many countries including Argentina are loosening their laws when it comes to Cannabis. The drug has been decriminalised for small amounts. Even sparking up a joint in public is said to raise few eyebrows.

Number 2: India

Marijuana is illegal on the sub continent…but and that is a big but the sale of cannabis is allowed for certain Hindu Festivals and is even sold by the government. Many believe the deity Shiva used to indulge is a bit of ganja and spark up in his honour.

Number 1: Australia

Down under the country is divided when it comes to marijuana laws. 50% of the states and territories have decriminalised the drug. The town of Nimbin in Rural New South Wales is a marijuana Mecca in a country with an above average cannabis consumption. Visit the annual Mardi Grass festival or pop down the main street to the Hemp Embassy.

No matter how enticing these how high destinations may sound remember taking drugs can always land you in hot water especially in a foreign country…do so at your own risk.


  1. I mean but in Amsterdam I can go to a coffee shop buy up to 5 grams of hash or weed smoke it there in the shop and get off scot free year round whenever I want to. You can't say the same about any of the other places.

  2. uruguay, alaska, oregon, possibly ohio this year

  3. its not in india its in nepal .. on shiva ratri weed is legal all over the parts of country

  4. India? Um not so sure about that. In parts maybe but tread very carefully. You don't want to tangle with the police there.

  5. Wow, canada loves its weed too

  6. Copenhagen also :-)

  7. we do sell medicated marijuana hit me if interested…(202)7982799

  8. Turk aka AuralVirus


  9. Turk aka AuralVirus


  10. Steven Williamson

    Why is Jamaica not listed? Jamaica was known for weed even b4 it was legal..Now 2 ounces (56 grams) or less is decriminalized.You will only get a ticket.

  11. misssandwichartist

    If the government refuses parents cannabis oil to give to their son to stop his seizures (as has been in the headlines here in Australia on and off for the past 6-8 months) I'm pretty sure it its not decriminalised. In fact "Australia is tough on drugs" is a well known television advertisement here in AU. What complete bs!

  12. Go to the Himalayas in India. A heaven for smokers. Foreigners have been flying there for decades just to experience the high. The police is not a problem either. I suggest you checkout some youtube videos about himalayan charas and weed farms

  13. what about Uruguay?????

  14. Hope on the emptiness

    Does someone know if smoking weed is legal in south pole? Would be sad anyways if it's since weed can't grow there

  15. I live in Australia the laws here a fucked anywhere but here, going to court for being caught with a bong next week fuck our stupid legislation!

  16. How about fucken Uruguay, the first country to fully legalize marijuana, with no restrictions

  17. Let me tell you something. In Denmark (Copenhagen) we have a so called 'free-state' called Christania where you can go in and buy weed that's set up in stalls like a market. If you get caught smoking a joint anywhere in Denmark, you will get a fine of ~ 100 dollars and never ever jail for small amounts. I've several times had officers tell me to "Either put that joint down the sewer right there, or get a fine".

  18. Fuck yeah, Straya cunt

  19. I live in Australia and yeah we all smoke it but I've been to nimbin, and the cops are all over it there's nowhere here to 'safely' smoke it. In saying that if u do get busted u won't go to jail or be killed like some Asian countries.


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