Kerala-Rated top tourist Destination in Asia l Eco- Tourism l India

Kerala-Rated top tourist Destination in Asia l Eco- Tourism l India

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The beautiful commercial of the Eco-Tourism in thanmalla, Kerala, India

Kerala is rated the top most tourist destination in Asia

Kerala is also rated top 10 paradises of the world by National Geographical Traveler


  1. Dream Holidays Kerala

    Nice video……….
    Its good #Kerala #travel


    Lovely video….! Lovely #kerala…! #keralatravel #keralatours

  3. Mywildlife Films

    Great Work !!

  4. hahah ok, but I am from Kerala and I had 3 dogs and they all died old…

  5. Xavier Thaikkadan

    Thank you for uploading Nice Video. Please watch share and Subscribe my videos too. Thank you again.

  6. meanwhile kerala is the only place worth a visit in india besides of india ia absolute sh!thole

  7. Royal Safaris India

    Great video..

  8. Gods own country.. kerala is a b-e-a-utiful place to visit.

  9. The World Backwaters

    KERALA – Really a top tourist destination in Asia. It's Backwaters tourism on Vembanadu Lake in Alleppey can leave an unforgettable memories for ever.

  10. People I am an indian and I will ask people still not to visit Kerala, its a disgusting & filthy place, these people kill dogs mercilessly, you can check it out on youtube itself with your eyes.

  11. u mother fucker paki keep out of here or will kick u out of this world, teri maa ki chut maderchod suar

  12. you sound funny brother. was portuguese natives? and indians aliens?

  13. My hometown :')

  14. I wish I had a partner to travel to miniseries expenses

  15. kerela is a beautiful place.. visiting kerela was a memorable trip for me with exploita.. had great fun during my trip.. would love to go again..

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