How to travel with your American Girl Doll

How to travel with your American Girl Doll

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**Open Me**
I hope you like this video. Im sorry its pretty long but i do go a little bit into detail. If you have any questions on the Houston AG Place i will be posting updates on my Instagram.
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  1. Very helpful

  2. Today I am leaving now with my American Girl Julie

  3. I have a friend who's name is Skyler

  4. thoese underwears look funny

  5. great video and i will use the tips for my dolls because i am going on holidays soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the video

  6. that was random

  7. it is fine i did not laugh at you

  8. Stephanie Stokes

    I like that song

  9. I have nicki doll

  10. I like the blue bag

  11. why do you cover the screen of the laptop?

  12. i love american giel dolls

    from ethan and littil sisster

  13. brittanie michelle

    this a good video and this isn't bad I No SHE IS NOT ANNOYING

  14. she. cuvers. the. computr

  15. good tips

  16. Go to BGM Productions, another AG Channel!!

  17. You sound like my friend Marian

  18. the mountain dew "thing is lip stick"

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