How to travel with your american girl doll!

How to travel with your american girl doll!

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Hi guys!

I decided to show you how i’m going to travel with Raven to the BEACH!

Music at the end of the video!



  1. Happy

  2. Veralyn YouTube World

    Your advise really did help me when I went to Taiwan.

  3. Kristen Robertson

    I love you guys so much is Christy Wilson

  4. do makeup tutorial please

  5. that's good the hack you made

  6. I wish to have an ag but I live in Egypt but I got one ag thing and I got it from Amazon

  7. You did good

  8. Thanks! Hope my parents will let Madyson (my first doll named after me) and Sammy (my second doll named after a friend) on next years vacation.

  9. wonderful

  10. omg!!! its just a trip to the beach. so much packing,!! for a doll

  11. Kimberly Warnock


  12. Ashlee Ringleman

    I love how you make most of your stuff! 

  13. You who make thats video you have done a good job

  14. Marya stop thats nise why dont you make a video game to replace it thats not nice so stop your a grumpy child

  15. Yo stop your mess 

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