How to Travel with your American Girl Doll

How to Travel with your American Girl Doll

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How to Travel with your American Girl Doll

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  1. I love your doll

  2. Can u like use a bag that is like an purse

  3. love this video !!! :)

  4. Could you pack an our generation the same way

  5. thanks I'm going to Florida with kanani and now I know how to pack her

  6. Izzy Squizzy LPS

    Great video! Where did you get the top on #44?

  7. Where did you get the flannel that Caroline is wearing?

  8. if you guys wanna bring a doll with curly hair, you could cut a sock and use the tip of the sock too cover the dolls hair

  9. + Laura Bobovski yes

  10. this is my first dab video

  11. can u do a vid about Madame Alexander

  12. so cute and very helpful :)

  13. HI! while watching this video i was wanting to know how to have fun with your doll on vacation and not making you look weird in front of your family.PLEASE HELP ME I DO NOT HAVE THAT MUCH TIME

  14. Rakshaa Potaraju


  15. I'm going to Washington in 4 days :O this helped me SOOOO much. :)

  16. Rakshaa Potaraju

    Um my only doll is saige so can i take her

  17. Thanks I'm going to EL Salvador to meet my aunt and cousins in 8 days

  18. This is my favorite doll travel video! You have great videos.

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