How To: Travel With Your American Girl Doll!

How To: Travel With Your American Girl Doll!

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I had so much fun filming this video! i know there are plenty of these videos out there but i just wanted to do my take on it since im traveling next week and im super excited!

i had to re-edit this video about 3 times shoutout to you wmm -__-

p.s. i think the intro to this video is probably my favorite thing 😛

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Awesome video This helped a lot thanks!
    —- Tristin Your new subscriber!

  2. I will be traveling by car and just so that I don't lose anything I will put my doll's shoes (they can fall off easily) in a special pocket in my luggage and she won't have them on her at all during the car ride im super glad im going to the UP its a tiny bit colder up there

  3. Sparkley Gameplays

    I was wondering what you use to edit your videos because im planning on making a ag doll account but I dont know what to edit videos with. Btw amazing video! :)

  4. Quintessential Kyra

    that was an amazing video you go girl

  5. The sparkle in lps

    I'm going to chigo and get a new doll

  6. Izzy Squizzy LPS

    Cute! What two girls are you coming back with? Do you have it planned, or are you just gonna pick when you are there? <3

  7. Girl forever 123

    Subscribe to me anyone I make American girl videos I subscribe back

  8. agsbiggestfan121

    This is going to be really helpful when I got to L.A.

  9. Woodland Dollies

    This video is really helpful, especially since I might bring a doll with me when I travel next week!

  10. These are very helpful tips! Great vid

  11. Hi there, awesome video!!!ILYSM!!!! I am new to YT, so if you could check me out I'd appreciate it. Thank you so much.:)

  12. Thai is really helpful !!! Especially sense it's summer time I'm sure everyone will do slot of traveling !!! 

  13. Thanks for making me a honorable mention! It means a lot!!!

  14. MagicWaffleStudios

    Amazing tips :)

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