How to Travel Hawaii Ridiculously Cheap!! Budget Travel Tips

How to Travel Hawaii Ridiculously Cheap!! Budget Travel Tips

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My best tips on how to travel in Hawaii super cheap!
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Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

How to Travel Hawaii Ridiculously Cheap!! Budget Travel Tips


  1. Tyler The Secret Traveler

    Gabriel have you not been to Maui and the Big island ?? Oh man you're missing out .

  2. Carol Ann Vincent

    Hi!! I'm going to ohau and maui and I want to do camping…… BUT do you know where are public shower or hostel that we can shower (for free or $) because this is my main problem right now.

  3. still waiting for the tips !!???

  4. So technically I could stay on the camp grounds for a few months and they have showers and bathrooms? It would only be like a few hundred?

  5. What about wwoofing

  6. I need to look !

  7. Thanks Gabriel! I just subbed. You have just inspired me to visit Hawaii next year! :)

  8. Love that shirt at 4 min in when your were hitchin. did you get that on the island or mainland.

  9. HannahVioletCarter


  10. @ 4:00 I picked up hitch hikers two different times in Maui.  I would never do that on the mainland, but Hawaii has a different feel to it. One hitch hiker gave me banana bread from his stand when I dropped him off, and another gave conversation.  A female friend told me she was hitchhiking in Oahu, and gang members picked her up.  When she was dropped off a rival gang asked her what she was doing with that gang.  She had to tell them that she did not know them, and she was just hitch hiking.  Normally, Hawaii has a low crime rate, but there are always exceptions.

  11. Hey good video! Question while traveling here. How are the locals there? Is there any concerns about locals having problems with mainlanders? Heard some stuff in the past but just want to get your take on it thanks!

  12. I do plan to go camping in Hawaii. Do the campground has some sort of public bathroom for shower and stuff? Do you have to pay extra for that?

  13. Christian Michelsen

    Camping without a permit is the way to go. Been living homeless in Hawaii for a couple of months now. Time of my life. Fuck paying for a ocean view just sleep on the beach.

  14. yeh- not great for girls. most options require a male escort or weapon lol

  15. Great video, however this wouldn't work for me with small children. Wish I would have thought of this when I was single.

  16. I laughed out loud when you said hitch hike. LOL Props for the tips.

  17. Smart dude, only idiot or spoiled haulie would go in the hotel, m/

  18. What's the cheapest way to get from one island to another?    Do you ever rent a car and use the vehicle camp sites?

  19. Beautiful places  !!! New follower in your Channel. From Italy..CIAOOO !!!

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