How to Travel and Pack for your American Girl Doll

How to Travel and Pack for your American Girl Doll

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How to Travel and Pack for your American Girl Doll

This is the ultimate guide on how to travel and pack for your American Girl Doll. I talk about packing her clothes, how to prevent scratching, packing her carryon, how to pack her in your suitcase safely, and much more. I hope all of these tips will help you travel safer on your next vacation with your doll!


  1. You can bring liquids not like a water bottle but like small liquid concealer bottles

  2. Can you use the American girl Gary on bag not the beach one

  3. This was so helpful! Thanks!

  4. I have #47 her name is Heaven

  5. Thanks! I will go to HK soon so this helped!

  6. God these dolls are spoiled

  7. Stephanie WILLIAMS

    so do I I ALWAYS over pack

  8. ag are scary

  9. Weird

  10. Gulshanara Zaman

    I mean pls reply

  11. Gulshanara Zaman

    tomorrow I'm going to Bangladesh that's where I'm from when I'm in the plane can I hold my doll or make her sit down and is it okay if a put her in pigtails place reply

  12. thanks for the vid i dont have an AG doll but i have a our generation doll but btw nice vid and tips helped

  13. Zuzanna Dąbrowska

    Who has time for changing a dolls outfit everyday and night and spend time with a doll i know i got isabelle but i only play with her time to time and some really grown up women play with ag dolls and have alot like why your not 5 ok im 12 but i got isabelle when i was 11

  14. Very helpful… Love it

  15. This was super helpful!!

  16. I am bored for watching the american girl doll

  17. thanks i was going to florida

  18. u r the best ag doll packer ever

  19. not so cool but still

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