Honolulu Hawaii Travel Guide

Honolulu Hawaii Travel Guide

- in Hawaii Vacation Guide

Chris and Topher guide you through Honolulu Hawaii including stops at Waikiki, Diamond Head, Hananuma Bay, the North Shore, and the Polynesian Cultural Center

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  1. nice

  2. Yellow Productions

    Thanks FunAndHair! Glad you enjoyed the video!

  3. your video's are very well made!

  4. This dude is so fkn goofy lol

  5. Fantastic

  6. Yellow Productions

    Topher, the little panda, says thank you very much! He appreciates any fan-mail that he gets!!! :)

  7. I love this video. The little panda is so cute. I have been to Honolulu twice. :)

  8. Yellow Productions

    Thanks Gary! I like to have a little fun :)

  9. 99% of these travel videos, the hosts take themselves waaaaaaay too seriously. Nice refreshing change.

  10. Great vid!! plan on visiting next year.

  11. so annoying with the panda crap jeeeeeez!

  12. my second home :)

  13. I've been here! It is so beautiful <3

  14. Yellow Productions

    Did you check the date on the upload of this video? I uploaded this video in 2008 and Youtube didn't support 720p and 1080p until 2009.

  15. Yellow Productions

    Thanks! I've never lived in Hawaii — only visited. So I only know how to be a tourist :)

  16. i was born in hawaii and lived there most of my life and my opinion is this is a guide of how to be a tourist.
    p.s.: nice video

  17. elmar pangatungan

    hehe never mind

  18. Yellow Productions

    Thanks! Glad to hear you got some entertainment from the video. Laughing either with me — or at me — it's all good :)

  19. you made me laugh :)

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