Holland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Holland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Holland.
The European kingdom of Holland, known also as the Netherlands, was until relatively recently a powerful trading nation that possessed many colonies.Most of this land of tulips, windmills and canals is located below sea level and in the 17th century was the most prosperous country in Europe. Amsterdam is Holland`s splendid metropolis, a city of canals and gables where almost anything is permitted as long as it does no harm. Today the view across the main square and royal castle gives little hint that the city is supported by stakes and is the largest lakeland village in the world. In a huge open-air area between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, every ten years an international exhibition of garden architecture is held, the Floriade. It features hundreds of blossoming show gardens that are admired by millions of visitors from all over the world. In the 16th century life on the ocean wave brought glorious times for the city of Edam that is now world famous for its cheese of the same name. More than thirty shipyards once prospered in the city and the fleet of legendary Dutch hero, Michiel De Ruyter, was built there. Mijmegen lies proudly on the banks of the River Waal. The origins of Holland’s oldest city are to be found in the Roman settlement of Noviomagum. The triangular market square of this university and Hanseatic town is dominated by the Waag House, a red-bricked building of Renaissance design. The Molens Van Kinderdijk is a fascinating landscape of windmills and a Unesco World Heritage Sight. Its nineteen windmills are world famous and of course typical of Holland. The fascination of old cities, dreamy fairytale-like villages, paintings by some of the world’s greatest artists, bicycles and windmill: Holland is very much a land of the familiar and also the exotic.
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  1. I've really appreciated these incredibly detailed videos as I go back and study geography one country at a time!* As an American, I do have one correction on this one, though: The Pilgrims, who departed from Leiden to settle on the Atlantic coast of what is now the USA, were not the first white settlers of North America; Plymouth Colony was only the first permanent white settlement.

    *If you're still making these videos, I strongly suggest that you start showing maps in them so we can tell where you are in the country or region you're showing.

  2. What did he say there around 2:40 ? Nederlands sheepfart museum? :)

  3. Good video, although there are more than a dozen of small mistakes in there, in fact too many to list. But OK, all details so I don't bother about it.

  4. What a shame such a lovely city is marred by an animal prison./zoo.
    I went to Bristol Zoo once and swore I would never set foot in another.
    Whilst I can understand conservation in spacious reserves where there is plenty of room, I can't get the sight of a demented polar bear in a small pit swaying endlessly from side to side. The poor animal had gone completely mad.

  5. This is a Very good video showing Holland. I wish we in the USA road bicycles more like Europeans. Here they want too many cars, SUVs etc. Everything is built further aways such as employment, the grocery etc. My question is how do they stand riding a bicycle in such cold temperatures. I road a 50cc scooter in 35 degrees with a coat and gloves and I was freezing. I admit that I get cold easily though.

  6. i like hooland travel very beauty

  7. I was born there – in Sneek, Friesland (not shown in your video) – but my parents immigrated to Canada in 1955. We visited the Netherlands twice with my parents in 1961 and 1972, and with my wife in 1986. Beautiful little country!

  8. I would like to travel to and visit Holland someday.  I have not ever gone there before.

  9. Beautiful

  10. l'll be there on the 21st of this month. I can't wait, even though it will be my 4th trip there. I need to find me a good Dutch woman to make my visit permanent. ;)

  11. This is about Holland indeed… North Holland..just a province in The Netherlands… NOT about The Netherlands..

  12. Holland is really a good place to visit. Armsterdam is impressive and amazing!


  14. LOL European kingdom of Holland. Are you really THAT stupid?

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