Hawaii Travel Vlog 2015

Hawaii Travel Vlog 2015

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Come and explore Hawaii and all of its beauty, wonder and magic with me as we travelled through Oahu and the North Shore.. 4 days, in just 4 minutes!
music by Cody Simpson
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  1. ohhh man this made me miss hawaii so much! i travelled from newy to Oahu and Maui in June, it was life changing! I made some little videos which are on my channel :) just happy memories to have. I can't wait to go back to explore more of beautiful hawaii one day!!

  2. Katie Jo (Kiwi Fruitbat)

    Aww all your friends seem so cool!!! What a beautiful place :)

  3. Brielle De Thomasis

    Loved the vid Sjana! What camera do you use?❤️

  4. Can I be apart of your girl group please! ❤️

  5. You probably get a tonne of these, but could you please for the love of hot bodies, do a 'what i eat in a day' video? 
    Awesome Vid, XXXX

  6. huge fan :) 
    love your videos/instagrams and just you in generall !! You're a real beauty :**

  7. beauutiful!!! new subscriber! (:

  8. Love this! It would be great to see a bit more of your day to day activities though if you have any more footage! :)

  9. Emily “Tricksy”

    Beautiful video!

  10. Totally blaming you for adding another destination to my wishlist #Troublemaker

  11. Oh my god I NEED TO GO TO HAWAII!!!

  12. Sjana you are such an inspiration! You definitely inspired us to start travel videos on our channel! x

  13. EarthyAndy _ (Earthy Andy)

    Ps my favourite part is when you yell "you can do it babe " to Serena ! It's so friggin cute and makes me laugh! Luv u!!

  14. EarthyAndy _ (Earthy Andy)

    This is amazing !! I seriously love ya! Wish we were neighbours and could be "skurfer" girls or whatever u called it every day !! Much love and aloha !!

  15. What kind of camera do you use?

  16. You inspire me to live the life that I want. You inspire me to travel, to meet people, to have fun, thank you Sjana <3 


  18. It would be helpful if you posted those links below for those of us who can't click the screen. 

  19. Nina Cicero-Soles

    Can you do a video on how you plan these vacations and like how you find these people lol?

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