Hawaii Oahu with Kids – Sea Life Park – Travel With Kids

Hawaii Oahu with Kids – Sea Life Park – Travel With Kids

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Hawaii Oahu with Kids - Sea Life Park - Travel With Kids

Visit Sea Life Park in Oahu. If youre planning a trip to Oahu Hawaii, this video will show you all about Sea Life Park. Swim with dolphins and sting rays with the Roberts family kids, and learn about green sea turtles. From the DVD Travel With Kids Hawaii – Oahu. travelwithkids.tv


  1. @cheroke62 Most marine parks have nothing to with it. Yes it is bad, and absolutely should be illegal, but this is not the place to complain because marine parks don't have anything to do with it.

  2. yo!! my mom used to work here!! so many of my childhood memories were in this park

  3. i went there a cpule years ago. very fun. recommend go there

  4. yeah i was just here 1 weeks ago. Its really not worth the money i spent to swim whit dolphins…theyr nice but the park restricts you from taking your own pictures ans then try to sell you theyr dvd and pictures….it came up to 230$ whit the pictures for like 15min…..i do not recomende this to anyone…go snorkel around the cost ….way cheaper ans you might swim whit them in captain cook just like i did…….

  5. Everyone is cashing in on the fact people like swimming with dolphins.Wild dolphin are being cruely caught to sell on to marine parks because of demand. ok some of the better parks may not be involved in this but it is going on. and the latest thing seems to be dolphins in hotel pools, you think there would be laws against this. Sorry for being a wet blanket, but people need to be aware of the suffering involved for the dolphin.

  6. omg do you have ANY idea how much that tour costs??? I was really excited to go swim with dolphins til I found out it was going to cost $600 for both my husband and I to go. Must be nice to be rich!!!!!! 😀

  7. eta muy bueno el video

  8. GO HAWAII!!!!!! OAUHU!! RULes

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