Greece (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Greece (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Greece (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Greece.
Although Greece is the home of ancient gods, birthplace of European civilisation and a country of great warriors and philosophers it is also a country of many islands with tiny villages and white houses, a deep blue sea and almost constant sunshine.Athens is a lively city set in historic surroundings. Unique among all other Greek temples is the Acropolis whose imposing appearance and artistic decoration signified the great influence and power of ancient Athens. Six female figures, the Karyatides, support the southern hall of the Ionic Temple of Erechtheion that stands on sacred ground close to the main temple. The imposing Mitrópolis is the main Greek Orthodox cathedral in Athens. A total of four architects designed this cathedral whose walls comprise the remains of no less than seventy former sacred buildings. The Cyclades Islands are situated in the middle of the Southern Aegean that like a magic circle flows around its former centre, the sacred island of Delos, Mykonos. For centuries this picturesque former pirate village in the middle of Cyclades group of islands has been the meeting place for artists, V.I.P.’s and the international glitterati. The Cyclades are also known as The Pearls Of Greece and it seems as though the gods have scattered a handful of beautiful pearls into the deep blue Aegean Sea. In ancient times they were also known as The Islands Of Light because Apollo, the God of Light and Learning, was born here and also worshipped on the islands. Santorini is the most southerly of the Cyclades Islands and the legendary location of the mythical lost island of Atlantis and also a breathtaking island paradise of rock, lava, sea and light.Crete is the ‘Island Of Light’ and the birthplace of Zeus. Heraklion is the capital of the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands on which a highly developed culture has existed for four thousand years. It’s no wonder that in these magnificent islands in the Aegean numerous gods, knights and tourists have always found much good fortune and enchantment!


  1. Loukas Barbadimos


  2. we have pirate attacks here in central Illinois often also.

  3. donkey is a better pet or dog. stop abusing him

  4. Siouis Channel

    Im Greek and Very proud for that! I love my country!

  5. beautiful

  6. video is good.. BT it only shows historic places.. nothing about their life standards or living conditions. . or sky lines..etc

  7. and be sure…greece Will survive with or without you. and you know that you are aaaalways welcome

  8. born in switzeland,at 23 army in my father s country greece,17 yars in athens,a dream,40 y.o. back in switzerland,now l dream every night …greece

  9. I like to visite greece i like spartans spartan are greece

  10. It is sad when countries like Britain, France and Germany who stole a lot of Greece's antiques or were sold to by the ottoman, and refuse to give them back, whereas they give back everything to china and anyone else….

  11. αννια θεσιες

  12. Nice country, but nothing to be proud of.

  13. Peter Vassilakos

    Britain return the statutes you stole they belong to the Greeks you're theifs

  14. Peter Vassilakos

    Allgreek islands and is the best of all ,long live Greece the best of the whole word giassou Greeks and Greece

  15. WOW I have to inform you that ATHENS ITS NOT IN PELOPONNESE(not Peloponnes)In the first 2 minutes you did 2 mistakes welldone

  16. greece deserves everything that's coming to them.
    they have a racist party that wants black people and Asians out. this is fucking 2016 and people still tolerate these no good, old, dirty politicians.

  17. Hay I was wondering if u can do a travel guid of Albania

  18. 19:25 Mediterranean?

  19. I like llamas

  20. This is boring

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