Five unique beaches in Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

Five unique beaches in Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

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Maui has more than 120 miles of coastline, so you may need a little help before deciding where to lay your beach towel. Visit for more information about Hawaii.


  1. To Dave V, I was transferred to Maui a year ago and absolutely love it!! What was and what is is all ways going to be different. The Aloha Spirit is alive and well. 

  2. Roland Pokrovskis

    Number 5 is best 100%. 

  3. Visit our Facebook page "Best of Maui" we encourage everyone, tourist and locals alike to post their own "Favorites" This site is allows  NO advertising. All comments are genuine and insightful.

  4. Anyone who has experienced Hawaii over the course of the past few decades and who cares about the very things that make these islands special will tell you the islands are dying from an onslaught of monster homes, shopping malls, concrete and golf courses. Photographer and conservationist Robert Wenkam sounded the alarm in 1970 with the release of his book Maui the Last Hawaiian Place, in which he postulated Maui would only be able to handle a maximum of 1 million tourists a year – and here we are in 2015 with more than 4 million people visiting Maui every year. Clearly, Big Money is destroying these islands and grass root attempts to slow the rate of economic growth, while commendable, have proved very ineffective overall. I spent one month on Oahu in 2013, after an absence of 15 years. It was so sad to see what they have done to it. A truly massive Disney resort at Barber's Point, the on-going, never-ending battle over development of the Turtle Bay lands, the continuing spread of housing developments up the slopes, and the demise of the sugar and  pineapple plantations and associated loss of plantation culture, which had become such an integral part of the local culture.  In the next few decades the continued influx of mainlanders from the other 49 states not to mention rich Asians from Korea, India and China will further erode the local culture of the islands until nothing is really left of it.  And every year brings the intrusion of new exotic species that are wreaking havoc on the native flora and fauna on all the islands. Meanwhile the tiny state budget for eradicating or controlling these introduced animals and plants is, as always, totally not up to the task. And now, the location of every previously remote beach, reef and valley, every out of the way little local restaurant, and every hiking trail, is broadcasted on the internet  In 1973 I swam at the Seven Sacred Falls near Hana on Maui. Me, and the other three tourists who happened to be there. The place is now pretty much overrun with people. In 1981 I camped at the mouth of Waipio Valley on the Big Island and spent the following day hiking up the valley, where I passed maybe 6 poeple along the trial. Try doing that today and see how many people you come across. Newcomers do not know how much has already been lost. But this is nothing compared to what will come. 
    Such a tragedy, such a damn shame. Goodbye to you, blue Hawaii. 

  5. how is it i wanna go there so bad :)

  6. i am hawaiian

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  8. ultimate greeenery, clean water and less human. I want to go hawalli

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  10. Frederick Wilgram

    You there….Hawaii is a US state. It is to be shared by all.

  11. Caroline Emmsley-de Jetley

    I'm a native hawaiian that has lived here my entire life. I don't understand why everybody wants to live here. Do u not understand by u moving here it causes a change in our development,which we don't need. When I look at cars passing me its not local Hawaiians ,it's people that was flown here because they all seen the same beauty as everyone else that moved here. The beauty and the spiritual feeling of belonging. Why don't u just visit us and enjoy for what it is.

  12. Caroline Emmsley-de Jetley

    Whoever is the narrator for this videos need to know how to say the area that he is speaking about correctly. It's sounded really bad and he is trying to promote our beaches.

  13. why would you say that it is not good to live on the other islands? I think the reasons to live there is the same as visiting – fewer people and slower pace!

  14. Brandon Gines-Corgiozan

    Islands other than oahu is best for vacation but not to live.

  15. wheni i am a Adullt, im going to Hawaii this is my big dream it cost a lot of Money but i think thats the correct way:" Learn learn learn <3

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  17. im moving to maui in two weeks!! cant wait :)

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