Doll Travel Suitcase Craft | American Girl

Doll Travel Suitcase Craft | American Girl

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Do you and your doll love to travel? Craft your very own Doll Travel Suitcase to take on each adventure you have with your American Girl doll. Comment below with what other crafts you want to see!
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  1. love it

  2. Queen Moviestarplanet

    Hi AG! This year for Christmas I'm getting grace! This would be perfect if I made it and made it Paris themed!

  3. The sparkle in lps

    This is so cute I want Kaya for my Brithday and go to a American girl store I I did this year but my birthday is a long way away and I pick a doll a travel with

  4. i love all of it

  5. i love all of the dolls I just love you all and I will see you on my bday

  6. i love all of the dolls I just love you all and I will see you on my bday

  7. Dania El-Haddawi

    Isn't this Andrea from Cheer Perfection?? (Kylies mom?) ❤️ u ag

  8. Hi! Can you make a video on how to make a school folder for your AG doll?
    P.S. I love AG and I have truly me #56, #19, and a pair of Bitty Twins!:)

  9. I ❤️AG!!! Best company!

  10. I feel like the proportion is way off for American Girls. A bigger tin would work as a better suitcase. A mint tin is more appropriate as a Barbie-sized suitcase.

  11. it is a little too small though

  12. roto

  13. Can it fit actual doll clothes? If it can't, can you make one where you can put doll clothes in it?

  14. IDK if that doll suitcase will fit AG doll clothes.

  15. Butterfly Studio 2007

    Amazing cool huge fan does it feet clothes

  16. This craft was so cool.

  17. Skye seems so nice I would love to meet her

  18. Kristina Angelina

    I have 7 dolls, and I'm going to hopefully get Rebecca for my birthday in September! I love you American Girl! You really inspire me and push me to be myself and love who I am. Thank you for that. :)

  19. I wish I could have an ag doll but my family doesn't have enough money

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