Doll Travel Craft Kit | American Girl Product | Show & Tell | Review AG Book Doll Travel

Doll Travel Craft Kit | American Girl Product | Show & Tell | Review AG Book Doll Travel

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You can find this set and other ones at local book stores, large retail stores, small toy stores, and at American Girl stores.

I love these kits published by American Girl. They come with a how to make booklet that shows you tons of stuff you can easily make at home for your dolls as well as the materials to make the craft ideas.

This travel set is one of my favorites because it comes with so many fun miniatures including maps, travel tote, and playing cards. It even includes a miniature passport. How cute!

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    Cool set! :)

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    Sorry to bother u again but if u don't get it from american girl were else can you get it from ?

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    Can u Plz tell me how much it costs ?

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    i got this set today for a birthday present from my uncle and OMG it is SO cute i SO advise you guys to get it!

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  12. It's $21.00

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  16. also at barnesandnoble you can get it for $13 if you get it online!

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  18. $21.95

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