Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City

Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City

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The story of Buffalo, New York’s world class urban design and how today’s generation is rediscovering and restoring ‘America’s Best Designed City.’

Produced / Directed by John Paget, Paget Films
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Executive Producers – Dottie Gallagher Cohen & Ed Healy, Visit Buffalo Niagara

Presented & Sponsored by
Visit Buffalo Niagara, Larkin Square, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, Houghton College, Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp., The John R. Oishei Foundation, The Campaign for Greater Buffalo and Block Club.

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Directed, Shot & Edited by John Paget

Executive Produced by Dottie Gallagher Cohen, Ed Healy, Visit Buffalo Niagara Foundation

Historical Images courtesy Buffalo History Museum, Used by Permission

Justin Booth
Stephanie Barber Geter
Chris Hawley
Jill Jedlicka
Dana Marciniak
Bernice Radle
Robert Shibley
Rocco Termini
Tim Tielman
Marcus Wise
Howard & Leslie Zemsky

Original Music by Nelson Starr & Eric Starr

Additional Camera & Still Photography – Nate Peracciny

Gaffer – Nick Earley

Stylists – Dani Weiser, Chary Robbins

Sound – John Davis, Dave Bull

Production Associate – Robin Douglas Paget

Cineflex Aerial Cinematography – Cherokee Walker (Pilot), Travis McMunn (Cinelfex operator)

Remote Control Aerial Pilot – Phillip Johnson

Archival Research – Dana Saylor-Furman / Old Time Roots

Editorial Consultants – Tim Tielman, Chris Hawley, Chris Elisara, Chuck Banas

Title Art & Web Design by Block Club

Title Art Animation by Ben Porcari / IBC Digital

Legal Services – John Horn and E.J. Snyder / Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

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  1. Reminds me of SimCity.

  2. Nothing compares to WNY. We've lived in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Central New York. The lakes, the people are like nothing else anywhere. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are more beautiful than the ocean and there are so many other places around Buffalo that are equally as wonderful…too many to mention!

  3. It's beautiful and all,but crime,sports and urban decay ruin it…

  4. Buffalo is toast

  5. yes…….all looks great, but that was in the past when the economy was good……now its a pathetic example of the decline of America…..so sad….the Government is responsible for it……..maybe in another time it might get better, but for now it is not a place to live or work

  6. even the Bills might be moving to TORONTO……..ya Buffalo sucks

  7. I don't think so…..its has to be one of the worst rust bucket cities in the US with the worst weather………..urban decay at its best for sure…BUFFALO sucks

  8. As a Canadian living in southern Ontario across the border, I never understand why Buffalo and its Canadian rust belt counterpart Hamilton Ontario, 45 minutes away bet bitched at so much. yes, I probably dont know the run down parts, but still. People always see the worst. I dont understand why citizens demand that the government clean up these industrial disasters.
    I heard that Pittsburgh has totally changed, why cant the same be done for Buffalo and Hamilton. I wouldn't mind living in Buffalo or Hamilton to escape the stratospheric ridiculous housing/ rental prices that's wont stop when you start approaching Toronto. Time for Toronto to wake up from its dream of trying to be New York

    The only real problems in Buffalo is lack of jobs and …amm the snow/ WINTER

  9. nais

  10. I lived in Buffalo for only five years from '80 – '85 and I still miss it, and consider it home! Grew up outside of Philadelphia and have lived in Pittsburgh for the last 30 years…..and nowhere I've ever been can compare to Buffalo! As I'm approaching retirement, I swear I'd love nothing more than to move back to Hamburg and live the rest of my life with the friendliest people I've ever known!!

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  12. I moved from Buffalo to Tampa.

  13. I moved from Buffalo to Tampa.

  14. so what's going on with the one Seneca tower now?

  15. Being an Architect, I can say that from planning point of view, almost every United state City is a big failure in terms of planning. Buffalo is no different. Its just that it seems like US people love to blabber a lot about themselves

  16. u know it sucks here when were half the size of NYC and have a higher crime rate

  17. People from Toronto wish they lived in Buffalo.

  18. For a city that's 38.6% African American and 14.5% other minorities, that was a mighty pale video. I lived there from 78-81 and loved the true diversity of the city. It's a strength. Use it.

  19. I live and love in Buffalo and while this documentary advert is accurate, it succeeds at barely scratching the surface of what Western New York has to offer!  Every season, every holiday is accompanied by so many traditions and festivals new and old that it is literally impossible to not have some new opportunity for fun and adventure EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I truly love this place!

    – J. Nico
    Owner and Master Barber at J. Nico's Elite Men Shop

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