Bitty’s Travel Seat — American Girl Car Seat for Bitty Baby Autumn

Bitty’s Travel Seat — American Girl Car Seat for Bitty Baby Autumn

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Bitty Baby Autumn got the Bitty’s Travel Seat from the American Girl Doll Store. This doll car seat is really adorable, and Autumn loves it. :-)

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Bitty baby Autumn Watches Fireworks for the 4th of July :-)

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  1. just so you know I am not paul i am his daughter.

  2. I love your videos and autumn is super cute

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    I do you soy

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    yep and how much was the car seat

  10. I have a different kind of baby. I use a cute pink car seat.

  11. You should do a outing with bitty baby autumn!

  12. Yes

  13. I have two bitty babys I have to use a carseat I have a new vids on nya  tv ag of them

  14. I love your show so. Much I do you'd a car sete sum times and in the video it was so good

  15. is, this fun with baby alive

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