Best places to visit in Milan, Italy

Best places to visit in Milan, Italy

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Travel to one the biggest cities in Europe located in Northern Italy.
Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world with many must-see attractions.

Map & Photos:

Things to do in Milan (in order of relevance):
– Duomo Cathedral
– Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
– Milano Centrale
– San Bernardino alla Ossa (aka bone church)
– Italian Espresso Bars
– Milano Christmas Market
– Brera District

more places can be seen in my other 3 videos of Milan
– Eating Cow Stomach (Lampredotto)
– Milan Nightlife at Via Monte Napoleone & Byblos night club
– Italian Food Adventure trying Gelato, Pizza, Cheesecake & Castagne

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  1. Francesco Auriti

    che buono il prosciucco

  2. Love your channel, 2016 goals, get a better camera and travel.

  3. How much money cost to go to Europe?

  4. Nice video, It's always nice to have a perspective from the outside. It brings both pride and, if it's a bad feedback, brings improvement!

  5. Well done man!

    It's funny to watch a sort of Milan docu made by a Dutch guy…! Maybe I could do the other way around since I'm a Milanese guy who lives in Amsterdam. :)

  6. Your toilet is not the best place in Milan !! I'd not visit it !

  7. It seems you enjoyed the city, that's great!
    Thank you for your visit, come again please.

  8. Thank you for the video. I'm currently visiting Milan and the video was actually helpful :)

  9. Awesome video

  10. belive it or not, that toilet is unusual even for italians XD

  11. wow you are so damm hot

  12. At what time of the year did you go to Milan in this video ? Im looking forward to go in November but Im afraid the weather won't be too nice..

  13. you did a very nice description of my City! so well done!!!
    and you're so cute and nice as well!!!!

  14. 3:20 la "cotoletta alla milanese" non ci sta in un panino! E sopratutto non si va al bar della stazione centrale a mangiarla! … E non e non è il tipico pranzo milanese.

  15. Do they speak English?

  16. ill visit it on november,im excited :D

  17. non ho mai visto uno scarico che si usa così ahhaha

  18. Simpaticissimo!Ciao

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