Beginner’s guide to Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

Beginner’s guide to Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

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Hawaii’s second largest island boasts pristine beaches, small towns and volcanic mountains – but there’s far more to it than mere scenery. Visit for more information about Maui.
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  1. I'm going in June for 7 days!!! Any suggestions for a non-swimmer couple??

  2. Yes, it is a magical island. 😀  I like it.

  3. Miryam Hernandez

    We are going in August. So very excited!!!!!

  4. EasyMilitaryTravel

    Thanks for sharing.  Hawaii is so breath taking and would make a wonderful place for serving men and women to rest and relax after a long deployment.


    This is amazing and so helpful. We can't wait to get to Maui in Jan.

  6. one day one day …

  7. I want to go back to Maui, Hawaii :(

  8. Why do you have to show CRUELTY! I can't believe people thinks that's okay! I think this is a a good video, but you made me not want to share it with anyone!

  9. Frederick Wilgram

    I am going on the 8th of September.

  10. Im going on August 28th O_O OMG

  11. I'm going to Maui on July 22.

  12. I'm going to Maui tomorrow!!!!

  13. LOL … the narrator couldn't pronounce the places on Maui to save his life.

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