Backpacking South America | 13 COUNTRIES IN 3 MINUTES + Budget and information | HD GOPRO Backpaco

Backpacking South America | 13 COUNTRIES IN 3 MINUTES + Budget and information | HD GOPRO Backpaco

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In 2014 my best friend and I decided to head out for the trip of a lifetime to live the dream. At first, our objective was to leave 8 months and to go around all of South-America. Because of my university semester, we ended up leaving 4 months and a half; not quite as long as initially planned but we still managed to go all around the continent at a pace where we felt we explored everything we wanted to.

Before the trip I bought a GoPro since I love filming and being creative about it. I felt compelled to share my experience and to keep the shots as souvenirs. I also decided to record all spending on excel sheets to keep track and be able to help other travelers out afterwards.

We traveled the following countries
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• Peru
• Bolivia
• Chile
• Patagonia
• Argentins
• Uruguay
• Paraguay
• Brazil:
• Panama

If you are wondering, the total cost of the trip was 9500 USD (this amount also includes the 8 flights and all the gear we bought before leaving; backpack, GoPro, vaccines.) For that price we had 135 days of restaurants, crazy activities and parties. We probably could have done it for under 6000$ by cutting of a few things. You can get detailed information about the trip at the fallowing link:

South America has so much to offer and many regions made us feel as if we were some of the first explorers to reach them. The higest waterfalls, glaciers and massive peaks, epic deserts and the Amazonian Forest; just writing these lines make me want to go back so bad.

I ended up learning Spanish so honestly that amount is a sound investment for that price… and all that came with it!

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Complete destination details:

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  1. Can't stop watching. Can't wait to go. Love the camera work. So inspiring.

  2. Amazing. I'm flying to Bogota from Edinburgh in march 2016 for the start of my 4 months trip of SAmerica. Anything you would recommend is a must. Loved the bits when you where with the animals and running down the desert.

  3. This is incredible!!! I am so inspired as I'm thinking of doing a trip very similar, thanks so much

  4. Maia O'Young Vlies

    this is amazing im leaving in a week for two months! what camera did you take? was considering a gopro to start filming but not sure if i want to pay that much when I have a small camera already (just doesnt take good video footage)!

  5. how could anyone down vote tht

  6. This is amazing!

  7. Caroleann Langelier

    Typical travel music :P

  8. Awesome !! Beautiful scenes and besides a very good video-edtiting ! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us :)

  9. Denise Hemphälä

    I Love this! I'm thinking about backpacking south america soon, how much money did you approx. spend during these 4 months?
    Also, would love it of you checked out my travel vids! xx

  10. Awesome montage awesome journey! very inspiring to live by for sure!

  11. Fernando Barreto

    Perfect edition. Beautiful scenes. Amazing.

  12. Fantastic Video, My family and I just got back from 6 months in Chile and Argentina.

  13. Rearview Mirrored

    I've watch this a dozen times, lol. Fantastic! (What is the name of the song?)

  14. Awesome video! Planning to travel south america next year. any tips?

  15. Banos <3 definately left a piece of my heart in that little town :)

  16. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

  17. without visiting Venezuela , you can not know South America

  18. Alex Kioulafofski

    Such an amazing video! Im going with my girlfriend next month for 5 months as well, hopefully we can manage to see as much as you did. And thanks for all the excell spread sheets, those should come in handy for us. Well done on the video!

  19. Firebreathing Guitars

    Now THAT is how you use a go pro while backpacking. Awesome

  20. Unbelivable!! Where was the video taken, with younswinging on the tree swing? Looks so idlylic (as does the entire video). 

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