Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

- in American Travel

Back to the Future, updated for the actual future!

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  1. anyone else notice de illuminati at 1:40?

  2. I get this is a parody, but this is more accurate than ever.

  3. No mention of Bruce Jenner having tits?

  4. It's sad how all of this is true

  5. You forgot about there being no rain.

  6. Sorry but this isn't funny but it is false and some are true.
    Mistakes on this video:
    1. No One wears crocks ._.
    2. Cars can fly and was developed by google
    3. There are hoverboards, but most of work on metal except Hendo
    4. Bullys actually bully at schools and not just online
    5. Yes Doc, we have failed :/

    Case closed
    Also, reuploaded comment from my old one cause I deleted it on accident ._.

  7. Fuck u im Islamic and I am not a terrorist Islamic ppl arnt terrorists there are Americans
    Who are terrorists and there is the American illuminati u dam fucking racists

  8. This is a pretty pessimistic way to look at society.

  9. INB4 Adam is an actual homosexual feminist

  10. bttf 2

  11. Mike “Big Papa” L.

    this is hilariously depressing XD

  12. Hover boards do exist

  13. Braydon'sGaming 111

    the future is the past now…

  14. Crocs are so 2009. Not to mention his outfit doe.

  15. Hey, they shouldn't have made this until 10/21/2015 because we could have gotten hoverboards in that week :3

  16. Is this rick and morty?

  17. Granger Monette

    I don't know what vine is but all I know is that I hate it.

  18. This shows that the year 2015 sucks and no one is doing anything about

  19. OptimisticScales

    Why are they ripping off Rick and Morty? This is Glee all over again.

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