American Travel to Cuba

American Travel to Cuba

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Traveling to Cuba from the U.S
Must know tips and tricks

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  1. great tips! I want to go down there this May Day

  2. Great video. You also knew what to get in regard to rum, cigars, art, and other great stuff of Cuba culture. Also another great thing to collect, if you have the chance, are the new Cuba currency. You want to get the 3 Cuban Peso with Che, the 1 Cuban Peso depicting the Revolution on the back, 20 Cuban Peso with Camilo Cienfuegos, then the redesigned bills of the 100 Cuban peso, 200 Cuban Peso, 500 Cuban Peso, and the 1000 Cuban Peso. The paper notes that are higher than 100 Cuba peso are new and have come out this year. A lot of the new bills have young images of men that transformed Cuba into what it is today. Unlike a lot of bills of the world, where you will just see much older men. I recommend getting these Cuba Peso bills and all the ones in between and exchange your money at a Cuba bank to get them. Try to ask for new ones or ones that look in good shape, if you can request it. You can see these images online of course under google images. If you have a chance however to go to Cuba just remember to get them. It shouldn't cost very much to obtain. If you can afford going there, then you can afford getting these very great looking Cuba bills. I'm not kidding here in saying how great the new bills look. You can also look up who these men were online. Of course you don't need to get these bills to do it now, but if anyone is interested, I strongly recommend collecting at least one of each bill from 1 to 1000 in paper Cuba currency to bring back. It also won't take up much space, so it wouldn't be a big deal to collect, if you wish to do so. A great topic to look at and converse about as well.

  3. Can you please email, i want to know how did you get there , my email is thanks

  4. jesslie riccardo

    This was great!

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