American explores Vilnius Lithuania! | Evan Edinger Travel

American explores Vilnius Lithuania! | Evan Edinger Travel

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Vilnius was so cool! Very different from anywhere I’ve been yet!
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THANKS FOR WATCHING! This video took me nearly 2 months to get up, and for that I apologise. As you noticed, the video is 16 minutes long! It took ages to get each part done to a point where I just had no time! But I got it done and I hope you liked it! I really loved traveling alone! I usually travel with friends, but I enjoyed this vlog so much because of how I just got to explore by myself and experience it alone. It’s nice sometimes. :)


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  1. If, like me, you watched this video expecting to learn something about Vilnius, think again. You will learn 2 things; there's a castle. You can eat potatoes stuffed with meat. That's it.
    Oh, I learnt one other thing, this video sucks balls.

  2. Pink Sheep #498912849

    I love plova and cepelinus.

  3. i'm Lithuanian guy but i neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer goed to vilnius Lucky u evan D:

  4. I'm from Lithuania but I live in uk. Like

  5. omg

  6. I live in Vilnius and i know these places

  7. When was the day two? I believe I was in the building to the right of the hotel 😀
    And in 8:26, I was in that shopping centre, It's so weird to see foreigners visit places you've been to as I don't travel a lot lol
    And the way you call Cepelinas xD

  8. i am fro. lithuania as esi is lietuvos

  9. Juventa Zaveckyte

    omg you say Vilnius so funny

  10. I Went to that castle its pronounced Umm lol I forgot

  11. had the same problem renting the bikes in vilnius. even took my time to visit the info centre and even they couldn't explain why we had that problem. oh vilnius you old sport making our trips more complicated ahaha

  12. andrius čičirka

    All Polish kids, who cry that Vilnius is Wilno (WHAT THE FUCK?) are just brain – washed. Original founder of Vilnius is Gediminas, yes, Gediminas, not teh polish bishop. Before WW2 Poland stole Vilnius and only when soviets came to Baltic countries, gave Vilnius back to us. #rektfordays

  13. that spray painted place looks kinda like Bates Motel from Psycho.

  14. What an awesome business trip!!!

  15. kas Lietuvis like mano komentara ok :D

  16. Not vilenus its Vil , Nus with a uu sound

  17. You have see something before you show something. TU BYBYS

  18. So, youtubers start to come to my country when I move out of it:D moved from Lithuania to UK 4months ago:D

  19. how about -and there was only half percent pieces off Lithuania
    where is the beautiful resort with the most extensive forest belt in Europe?
    where is the basketball game SHOW?
    where is the storgest man (Arnold world strongmanship) ever lived on the Earth?
    and where is the BALTIC SEA GOLD? AMBER (gold event from this region)and.. "gold" for all over the world .. like spacecraft surface element all over the world shuttles
    this video.. last day .. sky was "crying".. cause you are left this country and didnt know exactly what are you find oneself..

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