All American Hamburger Travel Channel Hamburger

All American Hamburger Travel Channel Hamburger

- in American Travel

Hamburger paradise episode on the Travel Channel. This episode aired nationally.


  1. Grew up in Massapequa and I blame my addiction to fries on them…ADDICATED!

  2. Best Burgers, Fries, Knishes ever!!

  3. WELL if vew this show all i whatch s the part that show this stand  then i chage the chalel  hek i lived on bilt more and waked thre all the time BEST PLACE EVER 

  4. i is eating all ameican right now

  5. ObamaHasMyVCR Tro

    so did i

  6. RingsidewrestlingLI

    The best burgers on Long Island

  7. Hey Rich ! Love your food !!

  8. hey Phil Jr.your dad owned our house

  9. Thanks, I'm starving now. I shouldn't of looked it up

  10. UMF this stuff is the shit. Now I'm cravin it lmfao.

  11. Razor Blitzkrieg

    been there, done that.

  12. I have been to that place lots of times! The all American drive is located massapequa in long island.

  13. Grew up on Division Avenue up the block from All American. Friends with Seinfeld , the Baldwin Brothers had their father for a Teacher, Brian Setzer and Straycat's
    Brought My Girlfriend from PA for some Burgers. Now when we visit family on Long Island. I must detour into Massapequa For some All American Burgers. and Marshall's Ice Cream(old Carvel) next door.

  14. there are two places for burgers on long island all american grill and all american burger and i will say that they are both amazing

  15. I eat myself sick with every visit to All American and I wouldn't have it any other way. I usually get four quarter pounders with the works, large fire, and large Dr. Pepper. Than, I go to the ice cream shop next door and get a large cookies and cream with hot fudge and M&M's.

  16. ska4ltj2rich0eee

    @seentheah Marshalls is the name fo the Ice Cream Place

  17. There is a reason this place is JAM packed everyday. The absolute best food on Long Island bar none. The food you get is worth every penny and then some. My usual is a double cheeseburger with a knish. From the shakes to the fries, the place is legendary.

  18. Excellent burgers and fries indeed!

  19. Nostalgia and tasty burgers, grew up in that area. Carvel use to be right next door but the owners dropped the franchise and opened their own place now called Marvel I believe.

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